All | Shopping season for Rhein Neckar Löven?

Patrick Groetzki (Rhein-Neckar Lowen). Photo credit: Stéphane Pillaud / EHF

Last year was particularly brutal for Rhein Neckar Löven. Since their promotion to the Bundesliga in 2005-2006, the Rhine and Neckar Lions have never dropped this low in the Bundesliga (10th). But this season seems to have had a better start. Will this last?

We are already in the fifth day of the Bundesliga and there are only 3 teams left in the league without losing points: Kiel, Magdeburg… And Mannheim. Now leads Sebastian Hinze (ex-Bergischer), stability seems to have returned to the Lions’ side. Indeed, since he left Nikolay Jacobsen In 2019, at least 5 coaches moved to the Lions bench to dedicate themselves exclusively to the Danish selection. Sebastian Hinze is now a former German professional who has refereed at Bergischer for at least 10 years. After his team was relegated to the second division, he bounced back unbeaten… To play Europe in the Bundesliga the following season with one point. Now we have to take a step forward with Löwen and show that he is a coach worthy of a high level.

Late workforce renewal?

The question is, have the Lions been a little slow in updating their workforce? First of all, it is the half-center position that interests us with brights Andy Schmidt. The Swiss wizard has simply shone during his 12 years in yellow and blue. Eto read the best player Bundesliga 5 times in a row (2014-2018)he had become the patron, guardian of the game Mannheim. The concern last season was that we relied too much on the Swiss. Using and abusing his relationship with the pivots, opponents simply found the parade. And behind the young people Jury Knorr maybe he wasn’t ready to accept the boss job yet. Just emphasized Schmid dependence. And the situation is comparable to itAlexander Peterson He left in 2021 (at 41!)dropping the truck keys Nicholas Kirkeloke a little late…

It’s just that last season is not explained only by this. Injuries were also a major factor, and more so than others: that Michael Appelgren. Indeed, the Swedish goalkeeper chained so many physical failures that he participated in only one meeting … In the 2020-2021 season and nothing else from. The young German is hopeful David Spar called reinforcement, we reactivate Nicholas Katsigiannis, but the miracle does not come, and this is far from being the only related post. Star Uwe Gensheimer it was with a major knee injury weak away from the field for several months, old Kieler Lucas Nilsson Achilles tendon injury is still on the mend… Offensive solutions were simply lacking last season.

An X factor from Kielce

The world of handball was hired as a soap opera Kielce For the next few years, a weekly recruitment was announced with a cartoon. Well, here’s something that worries us: Halil Jaganjac. In 2016-2017, he went through the Paris training center, then returned to the Balkans, where he grew up and shined. Spotted by Kielce, he is on loan to Mannheim this season to gain experience in the prestigious Bundesliga. At least we can say that the boy quickly attracted attention. In addition to being an excellent defender, he scored 7 goals in his first league game against Melsungen (36-25 win). Once Lukas Nilsson recovers from injury, he should form a formidable left-back pair.

The rest of the workforce is now relatively stable, we have cleaned up the workforce in the off-season and now we are looking directly into the future on the Mannheim side. To find even the European title this season? Anyway, it will be the start of the reply this Saturday with Flensburg taking on Flensburg this afternoon at 4.30pm to watch on HBL TV.

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