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Isart Digital announces the opening of this new campus in Nice at the beginning of the 2023 academic year to train up to 200 graduates per year.

ISART DIGITAL voted 2nd best video game school in the world (source: GAMEeducation) and for 21 years, Video Games and 3D-FX Animation continues to pioneer and innovate in the teaching of creative and technological professions. digital entertainment industry by creating the ISART Game Business School in France. It will be dedicated to the video game sector, as well as all sectors that use digital imaging technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data (health, education, retail, etc.). The school will open its doors in Nice at the beginning of the 2023 academic year and will move to new buildings from 2025.

ISART DIGITAL: a pioneer in training for jobs in the digital entertainment industriesFounded by video game and 3D-FX Animation film professionals, ISART Digital has been a pioneer in creating professional training tailored to the industry’s creative professions (Game Artists, Game Designers, 3D Artists, …) for 21 years. as well as scientific and technical professions (Game Programmers, …). The school has an integration rate of 94% of its students 6 months after graduation. Relying on its own experience, ISART Digital opens its own business school to support the sector in the face of a shortage of managers trained in monetization methods, innovative digital marketing strategies, including creative methods. unique to a video game. industry.
Video games: a fast-growing sector looking for managersISART Digital has been facing a shortage of managers trained in the adoption of digital imaging, AI and Data technologies for several years and is very close to the concerns of studios and publishers offering relevant training in Game and Creative Management:

  • BBA Game and Creative Management (Assistant Brand Manager, Assistant Marketing Manager, Junior Sales Manager, Data Analyst, Junior User Acquisition Manager…)
  • MSc Game and Creative Strategy (Data Project Manager, User Acquisition Manager, Operations Manager, Product Manager (including LiveOps, Project Manager)

Graduates will be able to apply for information manager and business development positions, as well as publishing jobs at video game studios and publishers, as well as other industries in France and abroad. Play Arts training, already offered at the school’s Paris campus, will also be available in Nice. Find all outlets online at the official Isart Digital website. ” With the ISART Game Business School, we build complementary bricks to the creative and technological training courses of ISART Paris and ISART Montreal. Thus, we are strengthening our strategy to offer our students a more complete ecosystem that allows them to gain insight into all careers in the video game sector and better realize their dream of becoming a video game professional. Adapting to tomorrow’s needs in an industry in constant motion, » Xavier Rousselle, director and founder of ISART Digital, explains.

Nice: An ecosystem conducive to economic development

ISART Digital opens the Game Business School in Nice, in the context of the support of the Nice Metropolis and the partnership with the Université Côte d’Azur (UCA). The school chose the Nice metropolis for its exceptional setting in the heart of the Eco-Valley, its international openness, the French Tech label and its many companies. Students will also be able to enjoy a Mediterranean living environment and a highly developed cultural and festive life in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed youth and student city centre. With its opening, the ISART Digital campus in Nice will enable the creation of around twenty direct jobs. The construction of an environmentally responsible campus, including a business incubator and a student residence, and therefore the arrival of a large school that welcomes a large audience every day, will also be the origin of the creation of indirect jobs in the Nice agglomeration. . Students of ISART Game Business School will be able to start new business creations directly in the region.

Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice, President of Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, Vice President of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region: “The Metropolis of Nice Côte d’Azur invests in innovation and has greatly strengthened its tools to welcome and build companies as well as the best higher education institutions. I am delighted that Isart Digital, the world’s 2nd video game school, has chosen Nice to build its Game Business School, which will become its main campus for international students. This is a recognition of the attractiveness and dynamism of our area. And this is part of our desire to position the city of Nice as an internationally recognized reference in the world of video games, as well as in all sectors of the future, using digital imaging, Artificial Intelligence and Data technologies. We have all the assets to achieve this, especially since the adoption of Isart Digital is part of a long-term policy that we have implemented in recent years and which we claim to be associated with this prestigious school. All players in the video game sector (developers, publishers, service providers, etc.). The overall adventure of Nice and video games has just begun and installing Isart Digital is the first building block. »

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One school, 3 universes to train tomorrow’s professionals!

Video Games and 3D-FX Animation Pioneer for 21 years in higher education in creative and technological professions, ISART Digital is an international school located in Paris, Nice, Montreal and in collaboration with Tokyo University of Technology.

Professional experience with more than 500 partner companies is at the heart of research. ISART Digital’s three universes meet all the needs of the digital entertainment industry by creating professional training tailored to creative professions (ISART CREATIVE SCHOOL), scientific and technical professions (ISART SCIENCE & TECH GAME SCHOOL) and management professions (ISART GAME BUSINESS SCHOOL). .

The school is chosen as the 2nd best school in the world by the American GAMEducation site. A reputation cemented by 6 consecutive shortlists at the UNITY Awards in Seattle, two awards at Pégases and a nomination at the Game Awards in Los Angeles.

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