LIVE. War in Ukraine: Kyiv and the separatist government in the east of the country announce a prisoner exchange


Moscow has warned London about Russian ships being attacked

Russia warned Britain on Thursday of “dangerous consequences” after the latest attacks on its Black Sea fleet, and London denies involvement despite Moscow’s accusations.

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The first lady of Ukraine thanks Portugal for the help

During the visit, Olena Zelenska thanked Portugal for its support to Ukraine. In his turn, Prime Minister of Portugal Antonio Costa said: “We want to show all the solidarity we feel with the people of Ukraine. “Everything that happened on February 24 completely changed Portugal and the Portuguese people.”

12:39 p.m

Support for Ukraine at the center of the G7 in Germany

At the ministerial meeting to be held in Münster, Germany, the G7 countries are expected to show their permanent support to Ukraine and send a message of strength to Russia.

Diplomatic sources emphasize that while Europeans and Americans are providing large-scale economic and military aid to this country for its defense against Russia, the ministers will pay special attention to “means of continuing support to Ukraine” in all areas.

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Exchange of prisoners

The separatist government has announced the release of 107 soldiers in an exchange with Kiev, which will take back the same number of prisoners. Denis Pushilin, one of the main leaders of the pro-Russian separatists, said in Telegram: “Today we are returning 107 of our fighters from Ukrainian prisons”, of which “65 are from Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics”.

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The Zaporozhye nuclear power plant was closed due to the shootings

According to the information of the nuclear operator “Energoatom”, as a result of the bombings, the last two high-voltage power lines connecting the Zaporozhye NPP to the Ukrainian electricity system were damaged. All 20 diesel generators have been started. According to Energoatom, there is enough fuel to power these generators. The operator once again appealed to the international community “to take urgent measures for the faster disarmament of this area”.

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Return to the UN approved norm

Cargo ship carrying Ukrainian grain. (Illustration) REUTERS/Umit Bektash


Will the grain contract be extended?

The Kremlin said on Thursday that it had not yet decided whether to extend the agreement on grain exports from Ukraine, which expired in just over two weeks. It is primarily intended to “assess” the impact.

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Has the Russian flag been removed from the administration building of Kherson region?

Support photos were reported on several accounts on the “Twitter” social network.

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Many civilian casualties

Apart from areas controlled by Russian separatists in the east of the country, Kyiv has the highest number of civilian casualties since the war began in Ukraine, according to the NGO Armed Conflict Location and Incident Data Project.


Ukraine’s use of naval suicide drones against the Russian fleet in Crimea

On Saturday, October 29, between six and eight underwater suicide drones attacked Black Sea Fleet ships based in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, Le Monde reported.


Bloodless hospital of Izium

During six months of Russian occupation and eight months of daily fighting, the Izium hospital in eastern Ukraine never stopped working for civilians. The wounded were operated in the basement in the most dangerous condition, and the dead were kept for release. The hospital has now been able to return to normal operation after being connected to a generator and gradually having new windows installed. His manager, 52-year-old surgeon Dr., told AFP. Yourïi Kouznetsov is happy: “Today we have about 200 patients, while in June this number was 50.


Russia’s attack on Ukraine fueled anti-Semitism

Disinformation and anti-Semitism have “flourished” on the internet since the start of the Russian occupation, exacerbating a process already set in motion by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a European report published on Thursday. “The coronavirus outbreak and Russia’s aggression against Ukraine have fueled anti-Semitism and it remains a serious problem,” said Michael O’Flaherty, director of the European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA).


6 cargo ships loaded with grain left Ukrainian ports

This is the statement made by the Turkish Ministry of Defense on Thursday morning, the day after Russia returned to the international agreement signed under the auspices of Turkey and the UN in July. These boats will use the safe humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea, which has already allowed Ukraine to export 9.7 million tons of grain and other agricultural products despite the conflict.


According to British intelligence, 40 Russian tanks were lost per day

The British Ministry of Defense believes that Russian soldiers serving in Ukraine are “probably frustrated at being forced to serve in old infantry fighting vehicles.” In mid-October, 40 Russian armored vehicles were reportedly destroyed every day.


OECD during the “great challenge” of Ukraine

“Ukraine is a very large agricultural producer: several countries depend on it for food security. When such an important player sees its production and delivery compromised, it has a very significant impact,” Canadian Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau told AFP.


Zelensky’s message

“We will ensure the defeat of the terrorist state together […] and we guarantee that all of Ukraine is and will be free. Eternal glory to all our heroes! Glory to Ukraine! “, the President of Ukraine writes in his daily message published on social networks.


Ukraine has not been investigated for biological weapons

The Security Council has rejected a Russian-drafted resolution demanding an investigation into Washington’s allegations of involvement in Ukraine’s alleged involvement in the development of biological weapons. Last week, Russia officially requested a UN investigation into these accusations, which it regularly makes.


Washington welcomes Moscow’s return to the Ukraine grain deal

State Department spokesman Ned Price said it was important that the agreement “not only restart but be renewed later this month.” “This will ultimately bring more (…) stability to this market and, above all, put downward pressure on food prices around the world,” he added.


Switzerland offers Ukraine 100 million dollars as winter approaches

“It has adopted an action plan to mitigate the consequences of what promises to be a harsh winter for the population in Ukraine,” the Swiss Federal Council said in a statement on Wednesday. “Switzerland will release an envelope of 100 million Swiss francs (the same amount of dollars) for this purpose. These funds will be directed to the financing of projects aimed at the rapid restoration of the country’s energy infrastructure. »



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