“Having children helps me as an entrepreneur”, Coaching

Former manager of American groups for thirteen years, then director of international marketing, you established your coaching, personal and professional development activity 5 years ago. What got you started?

While I was working, some things didn’t suit me anymore. There was much successive restructuring and an evolving vision over the months due to various personalities and positions held. I couldn’t really find any meaning, whereas I was expecting prompt, very specific.

I’ve actually always had this entrepreneurial spirit, a strong desire to work from anywhere. At that time I had a child and I was already in the process of PMA (medically assisted reproduction). The group I developed for closed our area offices. So I used collective reduction, which allowed me to go with a comfortable envelope to practice with.

I started directly at SASU, a status more suitable than a micro-enterprise because I wanted to apply to companies from the start, which offered the advantage of access to assimilated worker status and actual maternity leave administered by Social Security.

What were the challenges faced?

When I was still an employee, I managed a network of over 450 women in commercial functions. I mistakenly thought that my professional network would support me in my business creation project and introduce me to a few contacts. This was not the case at all. Maybe they recognize us, when we change our workplace, people don’t recognize us for this new activity. It may take months before they recommend us. So I had to do some scouting and canvassing without difficulty.

Word of mouth is what works for me. People recommend me in the companies they work for or are employees of today, which allows me to intervene in the topics of tenure, leadership and skills assessment.

Another challenge I faced early in my career was finding the right balance without feeling guilty. Feel guilty about being with the kids when you have an urgent project to accomplish and vice versa. I also felt alone, and especially in the beginning. Single for administration, intelligence, business proposals, support, accounting… Single for my questions.

I’ve learned to surround myself with people who have been through the same situation, to trust them, and to avoid those who are toxic, either because they project their fears onto me or show me the consequences, but not what’s going on behind the scenes. scenes.

Have there ever been times when you almost fell apart?

Absolutely. Mumpreneurship is neither a commitment nor a default option. It is a road with some very steep ups and downs. I still have tears, sadness, anger, doubt, hard times when salaries don’t get fixed every month, but despite everything, I haven’t reached burnout. In case of difficulties, I talk about it to my relatives and my husband, who supports me unconditionally. I have to exteriorize.

What drives me is that I’m sure I belong, I love what I do. I no longer wait for the holidays to be special moments because I manage to create them throughout the year with my children, relatives and also clients. Mumpreneurship takes courage, resilience and perseverance, but it can be easy too!

What are your tips for staying a full time working mom?

I need a frame, but also to be free within that frame. The first key is to have a vision that moves us beyond making money. Money is just a result. It’s also important to surround yourself and invest in partnerships that put us at ease and don’t cost too much. For example, I work with a freelancer who does my invoicing and another employee who is interested in the customer experience.

Having children helps me as an entrepreneur : when I don’t dare to take action to grow my business, I wonder what beliefs I want to bequeath to my children. It is not enough to tell them. On the other hand, by embodying this message, it creates proof that it is possible.

Another important element: separate your brain and have something other than business, hobbies that allow you to spend moments for yourself in your relationship. I dance modern and like to organize weekend dinners with friends. I also walk a lot and take care of myself in the middle of the day, for example, I get a haircut or a massage. That’s why it’s important to know what makes us feel good.

I also established a morning ritual. I get up an hour before everyone else at home. Just an hour for me. Not doing laundry or tidying, but listening to personal development podcasts, meditating, painting, or getting 10,000 steps a day. Note that I am reading or doing outgoing activities feed me Even though the two are connected, before I came to grow my business. As if by chance, it is not uncommon for inspiration to strike at this time.

Isn’t organization also key?

Since I work from home, the trap to avoid is thinking that my business is less important than my husband’s client meetings. Although we don’t get the same salary, everyone has their own share and participates in various household chores. I stopped giving each other tasks. We have a weekly board where everyone can quickly see which missions apply to them. In order for this schedule to be approved by all, we have established a Sunday ritual. Every Sunday, at the end of the day, we have a kind of family “meeting” with the children, where everyone tells us what they liked about the week, what to change, what they are proud of, what they want to improve. .

Do you consider yourself a superhero?

No way. Sometimes I’m not as good a mother and friend as I want to be. I make a mistake, then I fix it again. But I make the best use of my strengths, I recognize my qualities, I allow them to move forward without minimizing them. What I cannot do, I advocate. I have ambitions, I assume them and I go after everything.

My dream is to promote self-improvement modules based on coaching and energy in all walks of life, especially in public schools: elementary, college, high school, but also higher education and companies. where do you start

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