Madrid. Revolutionary soldiers attacked by a Stalinist organization: solidarity!

This Thursday, a group Frente Obrero He went to the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid to tear down the posters of the student unions. an activist Pan and roses and countercurrentsister organization Raised fist, was subjected to physical pressure while trying to protect the posters. In the face of this, many students stood up to them and expelled them from the campus, demonstrating that they had renounced their thuggish ways.

These attacks are not new. the Frente Obrero known throughout Spain as a group that aims to attack and attack other leftist, feminist, trans rights and anti-racist organizations. It is a Stalinist organization with very reactionary positions and rogue methods.

What’s going on ? On Thursday morning, several activists Frente ObreroMostly non-faculty, they roamed the halls of the university, tearing down the placards of the campus unions and threatening their members.

Translation: At Complutense University: Frente Obrero is tearing down posters for the @CRTorg event on the 10th If the Frente Obrero reactionaries don’t like it, you can’t miss it!

When there are several members Pan and roses and countercurrent, along with other students approached to arrest them and continued to tear down the posters in front of them with obvious provocation. A friend of Pan y Rosas, a student of politics at this university, was attacked soon after when he tried to stop them from tearing down the posters. We see this in a video circulating on social networks:

Translation: Comrade from @PanyRosasEE and @CRTorg attacked by FO for defending our posters against thugs. Let the union of all associations and students expel them from the university! No threats, no attacks, No pasarán!

Various associations and independent students, as well as some teachers, quickly came to the comrade’s defense. In response to their intimidating actions, activists Frente Obrero kicked out of campus. As many said at the time: No more attacks must be allowed, the Frente Obrero is not welcome in Somosaguas! »

Translation: But the students of Somosaguas gave an exemplary response today and made it clear that we do not allow reactionaries to exist in Somosaguas, and if they affect one of us, they affect all of us.

The tradition of reactionary Stalinism

But these methods are not accidental, they accompany the reactionary ideology of this Stalinist, nationalist, racist, transphobic and anti-feminist organization. She was already noted for her constant attacks on the feminist movement, the LGTBI movement and the demonstrations for Trans law. It is an organization that has nothing to do with the working class, which is increasingly diverse, feminized, and at the same time composed of migrants and racialized people.

the Frente Obrero Stalinism, the abolitionist of revolutions that perceived itself as a brutal bureaucracy with dictatorial methods, claims a political tradition. His reactionary strategy of “socialism in one country” was zigzag: from the theory of “social fascism” opposed to the promotion of a united front to prevent the rise of Hitler in Germany, to political popular fronts in alliance with the bourgeoisie. Suppressing revolutions, as in Spain in 1936, then promoting the Hitler-Stalin pact, and finally promoting the alliance of Stalinism with “democratic” imperialisms in a way that suited the bureaucracy.

Of course, in order to defeat the Stalinist group, he first had to start an internal civil war in Russia, persecute, arrest and kill revolutionaries and opponents who questioned his orientation, put an end to the democracy of the workers’ councils, and fight against the people on a large scale. Part of the social and political success of the Russian revolution under Lenin. Just as social democracy was responsible for the murders of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht in 1918, the assassination of Leon Trotsky by a Stalinist agent in 1940 was a reactionary attempt to eliminate any revolutionary prospect by killing key representatives of these bureaucracies. But they could not achieve it.

They say they are “in defense of the October Revolution”. But it was the Stalinist bureaucracy that abolished the democracy of the Soviets, imposed a one-party bureaucratic regime, and betrayed the great revolutions that took place in other countries, for example, the Chinese revolution of 1925-27 or the Spanish revolution. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of “real socialism” more than 30 years ago marked the historic failure of Stalinism.

Stop being rude!

activists Permanent Revolution sends all its support to its sister organization and condemns all attacks against left-wing organizations at the Complutense University of Madrid. We are fighting for revolutionary communism, self-organization and workers’ democracy, the exact opposite of the terrible bureaucratic degeneration that is Stalinism.

Faced with their constant methods of aggression, our comrades are well aware that they must respond by self-organization and mobilization of the student movement, and that it is more necessary than ever to build a truly revolutionary organization of the working class, of women, and of women. youth.

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