Plays Ted Lasso and his team Richmond FC

In full promotion of the latter Fifa as you know, EA Sports made a statement that did not escape the attention of those who loved the series Ted Lasso : his fictional English team richmond in FIFA 23 with all the players from the series and the famous coach who gave the show its name.

Ted Lasso on the bench

© EA

Ted Lasso, What is this ? Let’s be clear: one of the best comedy series of the last two years. Designed for just three seasons by Bill Lawrence (Scrubs) or actors Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein (sniff), it won several awards at the last major ceremonies on the small screen. So it offered Apple its first Golden Globe, then won 4 Emmy Awards, including the highly acclaimed Best Comedy Series. Honestly, it deserves it.

In Ted Lasso, we follow a very unusual American football coach who sits on the Premier League football bench and is in the process of going through a divorce. He brings with him his assistant coach, a rough bearded man who speaks only to tell the truth and has a very complicated relationship with a failure lover like him. He trusts the club’s water boy and gives him tasks, communicates with the team’s psychologist and gives us good moments. Knowing absolutely nothing about football and its rules. While steering his ship with a unique philosophy of lightness and kindness. Ted is the golden boy we would love to have as a friend, as a coach.

Jamie Tartt, a fictional Richmond footballer from the Ted Lasso series in FIFA 23.

Of course, he is not alone on this path. He can rely on a team with different profiles that can be found in the field FIFA 23. Some of the show’s main characters are absent, starting with the hyper-likable Rebecca Welton, the owner of Richmond FC, who bought the club after a divorce and only wants one thing (at least initially): to sink her because that ex-husband is so attached to her. Higgins, the boss’ touching right arm and tornado Keeley Jones, not forgetting the star impact player who came out with a player and will find a place in the team and in the series to our greatest happiness.

FC Richmond's Sam Obisanya from the Ted Lasso series in FIFA 23.

Ted Lasso, here we are, a gallery of characters we love, immersed in situations that are as funny as they are good for the morale of their audience. Cues that hit the mark. Desire to see more. The type of television program that must be paid for by Social Security. Available on Apple TV+, the show has made a name for itself in the small screen world from brand to apple, even though its platform (and very high-quality content) only reaches consumers, even if it doesn’t have the audience it deserves. On the pure football side, let’s face it, the series is rarely reliable, but not to the point of enjoyment.

Isaac McAdoo facing cyborg Erling Haaland would be a nightmare for Richmond if it happened in real life.

McAdoo vs. Haaland the cyborg

© EA

So, Ted Lasso has found its way to FIFA 23 pitches and you can hit the ball with the players / actors of the series. You will find the team in the “Rest of the World” category, and you can have fun in their company or organize a special championship. On the field, we find all the prominent players of the club, starting with their captain and Ted Lasso, another huge character in the series: Roy Kent. This old veteran likes to scare, scream, scare everyone except the heart of gold. His relationship with his niece or teacher is worth its weight in peanuts (Christmas episode in season 2, fun master class). This former glory of Chelsea is coming to an end. FIFA 23 has an armband. His translator, Brett Goldstein, caused a sensation and opened the doors of Hollywood. He will play Hercules in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a very interesting choice when we see the series. We also see Sam Obisanya, a young Nigerian who is very busy with the future of his country, a beautiful intellectual who is always smiling.

The character of Roy Kent from the Ted Lasso series in the soccer video game FIFA 23.

Roy Kent is one of the best comic series characters

© EA

The attack is led by the club’s little genius, Jamie Tartt, a real slugger on loan from Manchester City, suffering from a toxic relationship with his father. On his side we find the dreamy Latino Dani Rojas and his already cult “Football is Life”. Not forgetting the angry defender Isaac McAdoo.

Dany Rojas of FC Richmond from the Ted Lasso series in FIFA 23.

Dany Rojas, football is life

© EA

embodies Richmond FC, see Ted Lasso on the bench in the full game of FIFA 23, one of the many surprises of this edition of the game. Something we can’t see and can’t spit on. Go Richmond!

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