What to remember from November 3

Millions of homes were plunged into darkness. In his daily address This was said by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on November 3“About 4.5 million consumers temporarily disconnected” of the power grid at the end of the day. The cuts are directly linked to Russian military strikes on energy facilities. Russian soldiers for the president of Ukraine “They cannot defeat Ukraine on the battlefield, so they are trying to kill our people” by surrendering “energy terror”, he charged. Franceinfo follows the main events on the war front in Ukraine.

There are no results in the investigation into the “dirty bomb” charge

The International Atomic Energy Agency said that it has not been detected at this stage “No signs of undeclared nuclear activity” At the request of Kiev, it was checked in three places. “In recent days, the inspectors were able to carry out the planned measures and entered the sites without any obstacles”details in the press releaseIAEA. Moscow accuses Ukraine of erasing evidence of the preparation of a “dirty bomb” targeting Russia.

Gradual recovery of grain exports to the Black Sea

On Thursday, 7 cargo ships loaded with grain left Ukrainian ports, Turkish Defense Ministry said. The boats will use the safe humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea, which will already allow the export of 9.7 million tons of grain from Ukraine. despite the conflict, thanks to an international agreement signed in July under the auspices of Turkey and the UN. According to the information provided by the Ministry of Defense of Turkey with reference to the “Anadolu” state agency, 426 boats followed this safe route since August 1.

There is tension between Moscow and London

Moscow claims London Claims that he participated in the latest attacks on the Black Sea fleet were rejected by the British. When called upon by the British ambassador in Moscow, the Russian authorities showed this “Such hostile actions by the UK could lead to an escalation of the situation, which could have unintended consequences.”It is said in the statement of Russian diplomacy.

Ukraine condemns the “displaced persons” in the occupied territories

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a warning on Thursday about population relocation operations From the Kherson region, especially Skadovsk and Kakhovka, to the Crimea or Russia. “Similar actions are carried out by Russia in Zaporozhye, Luhansk and Donetsk regions, as well as in Crimea.”He condemns the ministry that accuses the Russian troops “Looting of industrial, cultural, educational and medical institutions, as well as individual residential houses and apartments (…)”.

The G7 agreed on new humanitarian aid

The industrialized countries of the G7 meeting in M√ľnster (Germany) on November 3 made sure that they would not allow it. “The brutality of this war is causing mass death of the elderly and children, young people and families in the coming winter months.”German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said this. G7 will provide water pumps, heaters, beds and blankets.

Annalena Baerbock, whose country will chair the G7 until the end of the year, condemned Russia’s “treacherous methods” of waging war by “attacking civilian infrastructure to starve, dehydrate or freeze people.”

There is no “nuclear inevitability” in the conflict

Lova Rinel told franceinfoA research fellow at the Foundation for Strategic Studies and an expert on nuclear deterrence issues, in an article published in October New York Times. If it says United States of America “gets more worried”, Lova Rinel defends it “United States Secretary of Defense Says There Are No Signs of an Increase in Russian Nuclear Activity Today.” According to the researcher, several signals remain to be monitored, such as a possible increase in Russian submarine activity, which is directly related to the country’s nuclear deterrent.

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