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On Thursday, October 6, the Krystal Hotel in Douala hosted the business of a financial forum organized by Huawei.

This is the aim of this forum, which brings together Huawei ICT experts and financial and banking players, exploring ways to digitize the sector for smart, green finance to create new value together. The theme: “formulating smarter and greener finance and creating new value together” speaks volumes about the motivations that led global ICT giant Huawei to hold this type of forum at this particular time.

Youssef Buukhari, CTO of datacom at Huawei Northern Africa, therefore explains: “It is a good opportunity to share our technological innovations with our banking and insurance customers. This is to support them in their digitization and achieve digital transformation in the financial sector. They need an efficient and reliable infrastructure and “The network acts as a catalyst for this digital transformation. So we were able to discuss with our partners the latest innovations in terms of new technologies, as well as how to optimize their opex and capital in terms of telecom spend.”

Obviously, it was about understanding mobile finance at different levels of all industries, sharing the vision of new value – Huawei FSI business together, creating a reliable and innovative cloud for the financial industry to analyze digital financial mechanisms with Huawei’s intelligent IP network. Huawei’s smart IT infrastructure with smart DCs and UPS for a solid digital foundation. Digitization footprints that make finance smarter and create new value for all stakeholders in this industry.

For Edmonde Djiokeng Teboh, Director of Huawei Public Relations in the CEMAC zone, “We thought it was time for the Huawei Cameroon office to bring together the partners that make up the ecosystem of the digital economy in Cameroon around the same table. It is the carrier of solutions for the development of services that are quite useful for Huawei customers worldwide. Today, the financial world has quite a precursor model of digitization, and everyone needs financial services today, so you should be able to share with your valuable customers all the solutions that Huawei offers for the digitization of banks, the development of banking. 1.0 to 4.0 , lifestyle banking and local service for the population today. Everything related to digitization or digital transformation today is supported by a huge investment in infrastructure that enables the sales department to develop quality services that are available and available 24 hours a day. We are a supplier of this equipment and today we offer solutions that are already available in Cameroon, because many other equipment manufacturers have shortages and delivery delays, on the other hand not with Huawei, we continue to meet our delivery standards. »

He also mentioned that: “We are in the era of information explosion, you can see that different connections, speed, latency and information are completely changing the world. This will accelerate the response of all economic and trade operations. We need to use this strong infrastructure and digitization to make most banks or any other institution agile.”

In the same vein, he explains, “We have combined our 30 years of technical experience, capabilities and industry knowledge with our clients’ needs to deliver competitive financial ICT products and solutions that span multiple sectors and we collaborate. SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, all with different partners for co-innovation with flash. And we believe that digital-ready financial institutions will be more successful. »

It is a kind of reminder to show that innovative FinTech brings new opportunities and leads to the improvement of financial services, because the latter is based on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and other TIC technologies.

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