you need to know the codes that “match”

“You and I for life. Let’s sign a CDI until retirement do us part! » This refrain is less and less dreamy. There is still someone left to proudly announce “I have 20 years of boxing behind me” ? Can be.
But in this – somewhat vague – context, where the market and the value of work are changing, a – quite clear – trend is emerging: the number of freelancers is increasing and is now close to a million.

The finding in Malt is also clear: + 39% enrollment between 2020 and 2021. “While technology and digital occupations are still widely represented, new categories of more traditional occupations such as sales,e legal or support functions are strengthened, Perrine Ferrault, Senior Freelance and Community Director, points out malt. In these sectors, we recorded a 63% increase in registrations. »
On the business side, 44% said they are increasing the number of their foreign collaborations in 2021 alone (Anywr Study).

Get out of the messy briefing

“A few years ago, companies didn’t even ask themselves the question of attractiveness for a freelancer” The general director of the company, Constance Navoret, informed about this Small Big Connection. The marketplace, which brings together freelancers from the IT, digital, tech and sustainable development sectors, recently published a study on what freelancers expect from companies. Because applying to a self-employed worker cannot be improvised.

Cooperation with freelancer is expected. First step: short. “ This is critical. You need a square and an accurate descriptionPerrine Ferrault remembers. This equates to explaining the mission, the context in which the mission is carried out, the resources allocated, the relationships, the clear expectations, the contribution to the project, the working methods… The interest of the mission takes precedence over the reward. »

No serious freelancer will respond favorably to a two-line brief. “You need to be transparent so that there is a good fit between the mission statement and the reality on the ground, and don’t hesitate to communicate the company’s culture and values!” », Constance complements Navoret.

With or without a Chief Freelancer

“Everything goes faster, to start Perrine Ferrault. A week passes between the submission of the brief and the signing of the contract! HR and operations staff need to be able to be reactive and shake up somewhat difficult processes. »

Everyone should also consider that a freelancer has chosen their status to enjoy a form of independence and flexibility. There is no relationship of subordination (otherwise the cooperation may look like an undercover job). He must be identified as external to the company (no need to provide him with an email address).

Companies are beginning to train their managers in all these aspects of managing “external talent”. Some even have a Senior Freelancer that came out two years ago.

Communicate and equip

“A freelancer adapts quickly, but you need to save them time by explaining interactions, organizing resources, and giving them access to tools like internal messaging. »

Whether it’s inside the company’s walls or completely far away on the other side of the world, it’s the hub of communication. “This is a strong expectation of foreign employees, as well as the need to establish regular follow-up with the company during the mission”Constance Navoret reports.

Whenever possible, the ideal is to assign a non-managerial referrer to make communication more fluid, suggests Malt’s Chief Freelance and Community Director. Answer is the key word. A freelancer whose questions go unanswered means longer deadlines and potentially a heavier bill.

You don’t put your freelancer in a corner

For Constance Navoret, silos between internal and external teams must be broken down: “During its mission, freelancers are an integral part of the organization. They are still managed by corporate procurement departments, not HR. But the lines are moving. In the United States, we’re talking about general talent management, whether salaried or freelance. Talent is no longer perceived through the prism of status, but through its competence. »

Finally, it would be a mistake not to invite a self-employed worker to key meetings or company events. “In addition to project implementation, a freelancer with a lot of experience and discovering many tools and methods can provide interesting feedback, Perrine highlights Ferrault. This is an unexpected side benefit often cited by companies. »

More surprisingly, the freelancer likes to be open to some prospects about new collaborations. Date to save connection. “It allows him to save a little on the prospect of clients and helps retain talent.”Constance Navoret reports.

But let’s remember that the business-freelance couple is also a matter of feelings… on the one hand, on the other.

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