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Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe

Ultimate: Caudrelier is still awaiting a decision on the penalty

Charles Caudrelier (Edmond de Rothschild) still leads the Ultimes fleet ahead of Thomas Coville (Sodebo) and Armel Le Cléac’h. The first seven boats crossed the Ouessant rail using two different options: going west to Caudrelier, Coville, Le Cléac’h and Gabart, or crossing the tip of Brittany to go to Le Blevec, Le Vaillant and Joyon.

Romain Pilliard seems to have docked at the port of Roscoff. A decision on Charles Caudrelier’s appeal against his 4-hour sentence will be announced later in the day.

Score at 6:03: 1. Charles Caudrelier (Edmond de Rothschild) 3269.9 nm; 2. T. Coville (Sodebo) 33.6 nm from first; 3. A. Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire) 38.22 nm; 4. F. Gabart (SVR-Lazartigue) 46.65 nm; 5. Y. Le Blevec (Actual) 101 nm; 6. F. Joyon (Idec Sport) 143.26 nm; 7. A. Le Vaillant (Better) 143.41 nm; 8. R. Pilliard (Reuse by Extia) 180.59nm.

Imoca: Charlie Dalin leads the fleet south, Louis Duc chooses the northern option

While most of the Imoka fleet, led by Charlie Daly, chose to cross the Uessant between the island and the mainland, Louis Duc decided to cross north of DST, effectively leading it at 6 o’clock. “I’d rather stay fast than stay on the fork south of DST,” Norman rightly said during the meeting. But this is the choice taken by Charlie Daly, who is the fastest.

The Guadeloupian Rodolphe Sépho appears to have docked at the port of Roscoff.

Score at 6:03: 1. Louis Duc (Fives – Lantana) 3385.1 nm from the finish; 2. J. Colman (Imagine) 19.5 nm from first; 3. T. Le Turquais (Lazare) 20 nm; 4. M. Cousin (SETIN Group) 20.5 nm; 5. Y. Bestaven (Maitre Cog) 20.7 nm; 6. A. Cornic (HUMAN Immobilier) 21 nm; 7. F. Amedeo (Nexans – Art & Windows) 21.2 nm; 8. J. Harayda (Gentoo) 21.8 nm; 9. G. Welded ( 21.9 nm; 10. A. Boissières (La Mie Câline) 22.2 nm.

Ocean Fifty: Erwan Le Roux at the head of a class that chooses the South

Erwan Le Roux (Koesio) spent the night at the head of the Ocean Fifty class further south than Ultimes. Seven competitors, still struggling, crossed the Pointe de Penmarc’h. “We’re heading south a bit before heading out to sea to look for a little stronger wind and calmer sea conditions,” skipper Coesio told the session.

Britain’s Sam Goodchild, who was injured at the start, confirmed his retirement on Wednesday evening.

Score at 6:03: 1. Erwan Le Roux (Koesio) 3396.5 nm from the finish; 2. G. Vlamynck (Arkema) 1 nm from the first; 3. S. Rogues (Primonial) 3.6 nm; 4. T. Vauchel-Camus at 15.7 nm (Solidarity in the Peloton – ARSEP); 5. G. Lamiré (GCA Group – 1001 smiles) 17.4 nm; 6. E. Peron (Comilfo) 19.3 nm; 7. A. Tripon (Les P’tits Doudous) 21.3 nm.

Class40: Coastal regatta skippered by Corentin Douguet

Corentin Douguet leads the Class40 after his first tonic night very close to the coast. 55 boats go to the Ouessant railway, where they will have to make a choice. “We have to make the first choice, which is somewhat obvious. There are two roads that diverge at the exit of the English Channel, and you can’t do it in the middle. Either you go to the West or you take a reasonable route in the South-West direction,” the leader analyzed. At the back is Matthieu Perraut, the leader on Tuesday, and the fleet is quite tight.

Score at 6:03: 1. Corentin Douguet (Queguiner – Innoveo) at a distance of 3419.1 nm from the finish line; 2. Mr. Perraut (Inter Invest) 1.1 nm; 3. I. lipinski (Crédit Mutuel) 1.7 nm; 4. A. Beccaria (Allagrande Pirelli) 2.1 nm; 5. A. Ducroz (CrossCall) 2.1 nm; 6. M. Mergui (Centrakor) 2.5 nm; 7. X. Macarius (SNEF Group) 2.6 nm; 8. A. Carpentier (Redman) 2.8 nm; 9. L. Berry (Lamotte – Creationp module 3.1 nm; 10. M. Le Pape (Stargardt Foundation) 3.2 nm.

Mono Rum: the class is already spread and Dick is still ahead

Jean-Pierre Dick and Catherine Chabaud are well ahead of the Mono Rum fleet where the former will cross the Uessant during the day. Everyone wants to go south, except for Wilfrid Clerton, who followed Louis Duce to cross DST from the north.

Score at 6:03: 1. Jean-Pierre Dick (Notre Méditerranée – Ville de Nice) finish 3415 nm; 2. J. Chabaud (Formatives Esi Business School as Commons for Ocean); 3. W. Clerton (Cap au Cap Location) 7.7 nm; 4. W. Bissainte (Tradition Gwadloup) 11 nm; 5. G. Pronier (Terranimo) 16.5 nm; 6. O. Nemsguern (Elora) 20.1 nm; 7. G. Colubi (Cornog 2) 24.5 nm; 8. D. Ecalard (SOS Pare Brise +) 27.3 nm; 9. A. Pennarun (Penn Duick III for children of Robert Debre); 10. F. Gennari (Bella Donna – Race for the Pure Ocean) at 37 nm.

Multi Rum: Philippe Poupon attacks Uessant first

It was Philippe Poupon who spent the night at the head of Rhum Multi ahead of Loic Escoffier. When it reaches Ouessant, far north of the others, it should turn to move around DST soon. “We’ll have a little bit of wind on our nose so we’ll take a lot of hits to get through Ouessant. A lot will happen during the day”, the sailor admits during the session that now is not the time to sleep.

Score at 6:03: 1. Philippe Poupon (Flo) 3411.1 nm from the finish; 2. L. Escoffier (Lodigroup) 1.1 nm from first; 3. G. Buekenhout (Jess) 3.4 nm; 4. M. Guillemot (Metarom) 7.4 nm; 5. G. Chapalain (Guyder – Savéol) 7.4 nm; 6. E. Thiboumery (Interaction) 10 nm; 7. C. Capelle (Acapella) 12.5 nm; 8. T. Lurton (Moxie – Armor Frame) 13.3 nm; 9. L. Etheimer (Happy) 18.4 nm; 10; D. Ducosson (Trilogik – Dys de Coeur) 18.8 nm.

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