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It is quietly approaching, and yet it is one of the most anticipated planetary events. On November 20, the world football championship begins in Qatar. A choice discussed in public opinion. Major French cities have decided not to broadcast the demonstration, a move that some of the population will not watch. But where the World Cup atmosphere shines: the bars?

“Unmotivated” tournament

Almost all the bars in Mussipontains will broadcast the matches to instantly reassure the locals, especially those looking for a place to watch the matches of the French team. But the expectation will not be the same everywhere.

Place Thiers, “Le 10” will be organized for the classic World Cup. “We will broadcast on the big screen. It’s an event every four years so we’re looking forward to it, enthuses manager Steven Corvey. There are many people boycotting, but this is a global event! On the contrary, their colleagues are less sure. Fevzi Karabay, the owner of the “La Place” bar, says, “We are going to broadcast very reluctantly.” “It’s the first World Cup without enthusiasm,” said Lucas Bertelle, manager of B rue Gambetta.

In the middle of winter

And for good reason, the circumstances surrounding the incident didn’t help. “The World Cup is summer, there are terraces. It’s winter there, it’s going to be dark, and you don’t want to be outside when it’s dark. It’s not the flavor of June that creates the atmosphere,” says Fevzi. Despite the excitement of the wait, the No 10 barman said “winter changes people’s habits, which is a shame”. On a positive note: “It can be interesting to have all the people in there, for the heat of the moment. »

“Conditions, we knew them”

Additional sports with air-conditioned stadiums or working conditions for employees are definitely on people’s minds. “But the conditions, we knew them,” said the Place Duroc manager. Thus, the issue of bar boycott quickly disappeared. And the symbolism of the bars inevitably influenced the decision. Lukas Bertel: “It is better to broadcast the matches in bars and cafes. But there are those who are right to boycott because of climate problems. »

As for La Belle Époque, “we didn’t talk about it, but it’s clear: if we don’t broadcast this World Cup, we won’t broadcast anything about football anymore”, Audrey Ory defends. Even when bars stream it, it doesn’t stop getting ripped days before the Cup opener.

No fan zone, but no city boycott

“There will be no fans at Pont-à-Mousson,” confirms Henry Lemoine. “We see that it is not necessarily adequate for the coming winter. People don’t necessarily want to be outside. But if the bars want it, they will be able to welcome supporters.

Therefore, supporters are confident that at least those who are looking for a place to spread. Musspontaine bars should all broadcast the contest. Finding yourself in the city of Duroc without a fan zone is a bit of a habit. The World Cup in the summer interferes with the city’s cultural events. “Generally, we organize other events on the square in June-July.”

For this edition, even if nothing happens in Place Duroc, it will therefore not be a meeting place. But this absence has nothing to do with the boycott of other big cities of France. “We’re not boycotting!,” launches the Chosen One. The current debate is outdated and we should have reacted before then. It should transcend sports. Football players and football fans should not be held hostage. If Qatar’s choice poses a problem, another race for mayor should occupy the mind. “The question now arises about the Winter Asian Games to be held in Saudi Arabia. »


With the link and QR code, Mussipontaines are invited to sign the petition against the World Championship in Qatar.  Photo by ER/Nolan ROCK

Mussipontains called for boycott by Greta Thunberg

Mussipontaines probably all got this little piece of paper in their mailbox. Above, a message from an anonymous person mentioning the World Cup. “I have very good memories of 2018,” the newspaper begins. But I won’t watch it this year. »

It is emphasized in the word that “6500 workers [qui] they died for the construction of outdoor and air-conditioned stadiums. For the authors of this word, ecological aberration is “impossible”.

Below the latter, a link and QR code to sign the petition calling for a boycott. This petition is led by Fridays for Future France, the French branch of the Greta Thunberg movement. Initially, this action served the international climate strike movement.

So, residents are aware of this dispute.


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