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2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, a world in disputecase

Find out more about this long weekend at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, a week before the competition opens.

Two days is too short, we agree. So here’s something to make this end of the long weekend of November 11th enjoyable: Liberation has put together a little roundup of the latest information on the World Cup, which opens in Qatar in a week’s time.

Amnesty again demands FIFA to compensate foreign workers in Qatar. In an article published in a French daily, Amnesty International called on FIFA President Gianni Infantino to pay compensation to migrant workers who are building stadiums for the World Cup in Qatar on Friday. the world. The NGO renews its appeal in May with 24 other NGOs, including Human Rights Watch, to fix the problem. “abuse” according to them, workers mainly from the Indian subcontinent and Africa suffered. “Amid this growing clamor, the most important voice has maintained a conspicuous silence: Gianni Infantino,” Agnes Callamard, Secretary General of Amnesty International regrets.

Noël Le Graët remains idle. The FFF president gave an extensive interview Team On Friday, he reaffirmed his stance against any criticism of Qatar. “This World Cup was decided ten years ago. For six months we get the impression that we shouldn’t go there, it’s a shame. Qatar will organize everything well, I’m sure. The country wants to do good. Even if I scream, I will say that World Cup Qatar will advance in a big way.“the leader stepped forward and measured himself.If I see that there are things that do not stick, we can react. I will do it if necessary.” Le Graet then returned to the initiative of eight captains (Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Wales, England and Switzerland) to wear armbands condemning discrimination. “We will discuss it. But I like it that much[Hugo Lloris] don’t do it. We will play in a country we should respect. But if we have to wear it, we will wear it. I am not a fan of this crutch, but sometimes I say to myself that we want to teach so much that we also look at what is happening at home. Apparently, therefore, one could prevent the other.

Players from the Netherlands will talk to migrants who worked on construction sites. The Dutch players will meet with the workers who are building the stadiums of the World Cup on Thursday. Dutch head coach Louis van Gaal informed about this at the press conference of the selection. His team and around two dozen workers will talk about working conditions on migrant construction sites, and workers will be invited to one of the training sessions. “Obviously it’s going to be a bit of an organized situation, but the fact that we’re willing to do it tells you a lot about the ideas of our federation and our team.” Van Gaal said. Van Gaal had already condemned the transfer of the competition to Doha: “We will hold the World Cup in a country that FIFA claims wants to develop football. This is nonsense. It’s only about money, that’s all FIFA cares about.

Manager Gareth Southgate has vowed that England will not censor themselves on human rights issues. England manager Gareth Southgate said this week that his players will not censor themselves at the World Cup over human rights issues in Qatar. This is what FIFA leaders have called for 32 participating teams “Focus on football”in a letter released on November 4 sky news. “We’ve always talked about issues that we think need to be addressed, especially those that we can influence.”Southgate said on the sidelines of the announcement of the list of players who will represent England in the tournament. “We talked about this tournament and human rights in the same way as other countries. We have expressed our position in this regard very clearly.he said again.

Calls to chant the name of Mahsa Amini in Iran matches. Human rights activists have called on soccer fans to chant the name of Mahsa Amini, who died after being arrested by police on September 16, during the World Cup, just days before he was sent to the post office. Women’s rights activist Negin Shiraghaei took to Twitter on Thursday to call on fans to chant the name of Mahsa Amini, who died at the age of 22, in the 22nd minute of every Iran national team match. “Remind the world what happened in Iran.”

Direct flights between Israel and Qatar are open to Palestinians. Direct charter flights will allow Israeli and Palestinian supporters to reach Qatar during the World Cup, with FIFA saying the two countries do not have diplomatic ties. “Today’s historic announcement provides a platform to improve relations in the Middle East”FIFA president Gianni Infantino was welcomed, but a press release from world football’s governing body said little about the methods of those flights. “temporary”. Fifa only determines that they will be “Subject to Israeli security regulations and operational capabilities” and more information about it will be provided “on time”. Tel Aviv did not comment on this.

French supporters were denied the “Casa Bleue”. According to the newspaper, despite weeks of searching and numerous exchanges with the French delegation in Doha, the FFF will not have a Casa Bleue during the World Cup. Team. Fans of the tricolor who will travel to the Emirates will not benefit from this traditional meeting and gathering place, which gathers openly outside the games of the French national team.

Cnil advises its supporters to use disposable phones. Cnil, the French data protection authority, has some advice for fans traveling to Qatar: use a disposable phone or an old reset mobile phone. Foreigners visiting the country in question must download two mobile apps: the official World Cup app Hayya and the Covid tracking app Ehteraz. However, they are accused of being spyware for the Qatari government. They will give them extensive access to data, as well as the ability to read, delete or edit content, and even make direct calls, log out. Politics.

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