? Star Trek lingo


A fictional universe star path use a slang which is unique to itself or which it shares with other science fiction universes or even other real areas such as naviesastronautics (Astronautics, or cosmonautics, or cosmonautics, consists of all sciences…)the physical (Physics (from Greek φυσις, nature) etymologically…)

the Star Trek lingo brings together frequently used terms inUniverse (The universe is the sum total of all that exists and the laws that govern it.) of star path (Star Trek is a science fiction universe created by Gene Roddenberry…) in french.

  • Conditions that do not lead to the writing of the article are defined in detailed lists.
  • Original English terms are listed in Star Trek/The Little Star Trek Glossary. Translation canonical offered when available.
  • Both lists (eg ‘starfleet’) contain terms that are not normally translated from English.


  • accident teleporter (The teleporter is probably the most iconic technological gadget in the world…)
  • Ablative armor


  • Mixed camera
  • Area (Field corresponds to the definition of defined space 🙂 protection
  • Area power (The word force can designate a mechanical force on things, but also figuratively …) of safety
  • Ship Class (from Starfleet)
  • Bussard Collector (Bussard’s method of propelling a ramjet spacecraft…) (astronautical term)
  • The Borg Collective
  • Comb
  • Communicator
  • driven from plasma (In physics, plasma describes a state of matter consisting of charged particles…)


  • Biocomp
  • Biomimetic, Gel
  • Bioneural, Gel
  • Impact bandage
  • Shield
  • shield that hides


  • ENT Short for “Star Trek: Enterprise”.
  • Enterprise: A rare translation of Enterprise. Example: The novel “The Company, First Mission”.
  • EPS


  • Deflector
  • Star Trek ship names
  • Dilithium
  • Directive Premier or Prime Directive as in the French title of the Star Trek novel.
  • Misrepresentation or Exponential (The exponential function is one of the most important applications in analysis, or rather…) or Warp, according to some translations
  • Dope (A drug is a chemical, biochemical, or natural compound that can change a or…) Venerian
  • DS9 (or DSN) short for “Deep Space Nine”.



  • Fal-Tor-Pan
  • Merger (In physics and metallurgy, fusion is the transition of a body from a solid state to …) mental (Vulcan)



  • Holodeck (In the fictional Star Trek universe, the holodeck (if located on a ship) or…) and Holosuit


  • A neural neutralizer
  • Proto-planetary clouds in an episode of the television series star pathStar Trek: The Next Generation, The season (A season is a period of the year that observes the relative stability of the climate and…) 5, Episode 17: The Aggressor



  • Phaser
  • pinch nerve (In neuroanatomy, within the nervous system, peripheral and central, nerve…) Volcano
  • Pon farr
  • Vulcan grip
  • Protomatter
  • Emotion chip


  • bird (A bird (or class Aves) is a four-legged animal in the phylum…) of predator (Prey is an organism that is caught alive and eaten by another after it is killed…)


  • sanguine
  • Division 31
  • Needle (A syringe (from Greek syrinx, “pipe”) is a medical instrument equipped with …) subcutaneous
  • cortical stimulant
  • Subspace, subspace or subspace (adjective)
  • Suicide (Suicide (Latin suicidium, from the verb sui caedere “to slaughter…) ritual in an episode of the television series star pathStar Trek: The Next Generation, Season 5, Episode 16: Ethics
  • Synthesizer


  • Tractor beam
  • Replicator


  • UESPA Short for United Earth Space Probe Agency. space agency (A space agency is a government agency whose purpose is to study and develop space…) United Earth in Star Trek Enterprise.


  • Teleporter
  • TNG Short for “new generation”.
  • torpedo for photons (In particle physics, a photon is an elementary particle mediating the interaction…)
  • Quantum Torpedo
  • TOS Short for “Original Series”.
  • Tricorder
  • Trilithium
  • trekkies
  • Jefferies tube
  • Pipe



  • Visual
  • Speed (We notice 🙂 impulse definition (A definition is a conversation that tells what something is or what a name means. So…) in physics: (linear moment).
  • super light speed (Superluminal speed means higher speed…) definition in physics, achieved by Distortion in Star Trek.

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