FIFA 23 patch note – Update #4: Trivela Shot Nerf and FUT Champs balance sheet screen

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FIFA 23 update #4 finally goes beyond footwork to pass accuracy and brings some very exciting changes to the FUT Champions interface.

With the start of the World Cup fast approaching, EA has already started changing many things about the Ultimate Team mode, including many new trading cards.

In addition, new cards from the Path to Glory promotion were introduced, along with a number of FUT World Cup Heroes.

After all these additions, the developers didn’t hesitate to make big changes to the game, including a new nerf to the very powerful constant press.

But the next update will bring many other changes, including a huge nerf to #4 Trivela Shot.


EA finally nerfed the leg shots edge in update #4.

Off-foot kicks have finally been nerfed in FIFA 23

Off-foot shots or the Trivela Shot have become very mandatory since the launch of FIFA 23.

When shooting from a certain angle from the edge of the penalty area, shots from the outside of the foot made goalkeepers unreal with ease.

Therefore, EA finally decided to reduce the accuracy of shots from the edge of the foot to 30%. Players with the Outside Foot Shooting trait received a 10% nerf.

But without further ado, discover the full contents of FIFA 23 Update #4.

Patch Notes Update #4 FIFA 23

FIFA Ultimate Team

The following changes have been made:

  • Added a win/loss counter to the FUT Champions menu that tracks performance in ongoing Play-Offs and Finals.
  • Updated some UI elements in the FUT Store and added labels for the most popular and useful FIFA Points packs.

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Gamepad and camera settings may incorrectly reset to default settings after being in the menus for a long time.
  • Some FUT Moments Challenges were not tracking correctly.
  • Animations when opening packages did not always play as expected.
  • The Squad Builder can sometimes place Player Items in unexpected positions.
  • Out of position concept player items did not show chemistry data.
  • Fixed stability issues that could occur in FUT Moments and Goals.
  • FUT Squads in co-op didn’t always display the correct Chemistry data, it was just a visual issue.


The following changes have been made:

Accuracy of outside leg shots reduced to 30%.

  • Players with Outside Foot Shot are also affected by this change, but only 10%.
  • Improved target selection logic for semi-assisted cross-transmissions.
    • Half-assisted crosses are now less likely to land at the defender’s feet.
  • Improved Ball Roll move sequence in early situations.

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Players could skip Power Shot animations by quickly calling Power Shot during other shooting animations.
  • When using the goalkeeper move, goalkeepers can settle very quickly during corner kicks.
  • In some cases, players may mistakenly slow down while trying to dribble the ball.
  • When playing as a goalkeeper, auto placement was not taking the goalkeeper to the right place.
  • Players could turn at unexpected speeds when using the Directional Nutmeg gesture.
  • After a tackle, the ball is sometimes thrown farther than intended.
  • When trying to defend themselves at high speed, a player can roll over the ball trying to dribble.
  • During penalties, the goalkeeper can sometimes start a potential save animation in one direction and then change direction without asking.
  • In some situations, goalkeepers under pressure tried to catch the ball inside the penalty area, but could not, and kicked the ball when it was more appropriate.
  • Some crowd animations were not working properly.
  • Improved the assistant referee’s decision-making ability when determining potential offside situations after physical contact.
  • Some goalie animations were not working properly when trying to dunk at the foot of the ball carrier.
  • When playing as a goalkeeper, in some situations the goalkeeper did not try to save when he should have.
  • Fixed some incorrect context actions when using presets in the controller.
  • In some rare cases, a player may mistakenly lose control of the ball while receiving a pass.
  • In some cases, the player’s legs did not move properly when jumping.
    • It was just a visual matter.
  • The ball carrier’s feet do not always move properly when spinning with the ball.
    • It was just a visual matter.
  • Improved referee logic when awarding red cards in certain situations.
  • In a rare scenario, it may result in a fight instead of a required shot.
  • A Power Shot was not performed when a Power Shot was required in certain situations where the ball could have been retrieved.
  • In situations where the ball carrier runs in front of the ball, requiring a tackle, the defender may try to regain control of the ball by dribbling instead of touching the ball.
  • Improved referee logic when calling fouls after risky contact.
  • Some scrolling animations were not displaying correctly.
    • It was just a visual matter.
  • Improved referee logic when determining advantage on penalties.
  • On rare occasions, the match did not continue after the ball went out of play.
  • The Pull to Draw gesture was not always animating correctly.
    • It was just a visual matter.
  • Improved referee logic when determining offside decisions if an offside player made contact with the ball while entering the goal.
  • Improved efficiency of passes made by AI players.
  • When the player was running backwards, it could sometimes mis-animate.
    • This issue is only visual and does not affect player speed or position.
  • The goalkeeper was sometimes unable to catch the ball incorrectly when needed.
  • A penalty was not always awarded in high-profile moments where the ball carrier was fouled inside the penalty area.

World Cup

Solved the following problems:

  • The 2022 FIFA World Cup Playoff quarter-final bracket was being generated incorrectly.
    • This issue is reported on the EASF Tracker.
  • In some cases, players were unable to play online.
  • When selecting a kit for Brazil, the wrong kit may be displayed.

Career mode

The following issues have been resolved:

  • The potential of young players could sometimes diminish regardless of their performance.
  • Central defenders were not included in the report of young scouts.
  • Sometimes two models of the same player could welcome new transfers to the club.
  • Player sharpness was not showing correctly in Squad Management during matches, it was only a visual issue.
  • The squad menu did not always correctly show the player’s readiness after a red card.
  • After certain transfers, financial advice may incorrectly indicate that zero can be saved.
  • The Player Growth menu in Player Career did not always show the activity attribute increase, it was only a visual issue.
  • Objectives did not appear in the player’s career when the two game devices were enabled.
  • For some transfers, the letter notation displayed on the screen was unintentionally negative.
  • Fixed a stability issue that could occur during training.


The following changes have been made:

  • Added a “Take Me There” shortcut between Clubs Pro and VOLTA FOOTBALL to provide quick switching between them.

We have solved the following problems:

  • In rare cases, the Pro Clubs skill tree would not display attribute increases correctly, this was only a visual issue.
  • When viewing a Max Level Virtual Pro on the Pro Club Leaderboards, their level may be incorrectly displayed as 101.
  • After a hard hit in VOLTA FOOTBALL, the speed of the ball decreased.
  • Some VOLTA ARCADE instructions were not displaying correctly.
  • Leaderboards in Pro Clubs were not always updating correctly when scrolling quickly [PC uniquement].
  • The post-game screens did not always show the correct number of goals scored by the player’s avatar.
  • Sometimes players had to advance twice through the post-game screens in Clubs Pro.
  • After changing his name in VOLTA FOOTBALL, Avatar’s uniform was not updated.
  • Sometimes your avatar’s compatibility rating may show a different number between the in-game match rating and the post-game screens.
  • Players sometimes seem stuck in place after a VOLTA Battles match.
  • Fixed a stability issue that could occur in VOLTA ARCADE.

General, audio and visual

The following changes have been made:

  • Some kits, celebrations, balls, shoes, pre-game shots, commentary lines, head props, UI elements, stadiums, etc. updated.

Solved the following problems:

  • [PC uniquement] Fixed EA anticheat errors 5 and 740.
    • This issue was most commonly encountered when installing FIFA 23 with an administrator Windows account and then trying to launch the game with a non-administrator account.
  • [PC uniquement] Fixed FIFA 23 closing quickly after launch.
    • This issue mostly occurred when game files were repaired or Denuvo license key expired.
  • [PC uniquement] Controllers connected via Bluetooth can inadvertently navigate through menus without entering the player.
  • In some scenarios, Away Kits were not displayed correctly in Kick Off Team and Kit Select.
  • [PS5 uniquement] Reduced default volume on DualSense wireless controllers.
  • Removed some alternate images in tournaments.
  • In King of the Hill, the point meter was not always visible when controlling the terrain.
  • Updated typos and accompanying text.
  • EA Social was not accessible from the FUT Champions Play-Off match preview screen.
  • In some cases difficulty level changes were not saved for VOLTA FOOTBALL Kick Off matches.
  • Fixed some button conflicts in menus.
  • Fixed various stability issues.

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