Notion introduces Notion AI, a multitasking writing assistant

Productivity software Notion has just introduced Notion AI, a feature based on a language processing model that can take notes for the user. Blog posts, to-do lists, poems, the tool is multi-functional and dedicated to making the daily life of its users much easier.

A revolution in language processing models

Language processing models such as OpenAI’s GPT-3, introduced in July 2020 and currently capable of generating more than 4.5 billion words per day, are becoming more widespread. His abilities are such that in a few minutes he can write a thesis with a quality similar to that of a student.

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Models that can understand paragraphs rather than single words can write any type of text. Thus, the concept of AI can be used in many contexts and by different types of professions. ” It solves the cold boot problem for many users in this space. And it saves more time Notion CEO Ivan Zhao explains. The app has around 30 million users.

An example of suggestions made by Notion AI.

Here, Notion AI provides suggestions for good promotion. Screenshot: YouTube / Understanding

How does Notion AI work?

To use the tool, just create a new page on the platform and select one of the many available options. Here are some examples from the media The Vergewho could test: blog post », « list of pros and cons », « plan », « task path », « sales email ” and so on.

Once one of these items is selected, Notion AI goes further by asking the user exactly what they want. For example, he asks questions like: What should the blog post be about? “where” What would you like to list the pros and cons of? “. Then all you have to do is click on “. to create see the result; If this is not satisfactory, it is possible to order a new text.

In addition to writing assistance and text generation, Notion AI also has instant translation, can act as a search engine by answering certain questions, and can write grammar and advanced spelling.

In this presentation video, Notion reveals some of the capabilities of its new tool:

He wants understanding” increase » users

While the variety of capabilities on offer is impressive, Notion AI is not a new tool. Jasper, Grammarly or Bearly AI also offer writing help. This is a field of artificial intelligence that is developing and becoming more and more democratized to use. Moreover, Google recently introduced a Wordcraft tool designed to give ideas to writers and based on its own language model called LaMDA.

For now, the Notion tool is only in its infancy and is only available through a waiting list. It will be greatly improved over time and will probably be available as a paid option in the future. The app, for example, plans to customize it by companies or even individual pages so that the AI ​​can write in the tone you want and use internal data to refine its text.

Notion’s CEO details his ambitions with the software and gives insight into the motivations behind implementing a feature like Notion AI: The program wakes up a little to understand you better, really enhance you. It’s no longer words on the page you keep your to-do lists on – it’s no longer text, it’s meaning “, he explains.

The possibilities offered by language processing models are great, but they also worry experts. This is also the case with Notion AI, which raises important privacy questions because it needs to adapt to each user.

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