These Women in the Trenches of the Great War, a novel by Anne Riolet

Anne Riolet, author and associate professor of history and geography, publishes her latest book, taking the First World War as a framework. (©Laurent Rebours)

Chartres (Eure-et-Loir) author Anne Riolet has published her latest children’s book. Juliet and the Great War – Tape in the Trenches. The first volume of a “duology,” to use a neologism, a format particularly favored by the author.

This time, Anne Riolet drew attention female figures He was immersed in the horrors of the First World War. One in particular is passed down through generations.

Passion for history in all his works

In addition to her hat as a writer, Anne Riolet is also an assistant professor of history and geography at lycée Notre-Dame de Chartres. The “half-Marseille – half-Swiss” who put down his suitcases near the cathedral sixteen years ago.

Time to raise a family with four children, pursue a career that matches your passion, and return to your first teenage love. writing.

When I was a teenager, I often wrote, but without leading to concreteness. And then, as an adult, I wanted to return to this universe, instead of telling the truth, Juliet is my fifth book and the sixth is due out in April 2023.

Anne RioletWriter, history and geography teacher

The “fifteen days for him” he gave himself ten years ago had a triggering effect. The opportunity to present his pen freely to the daily press, and in his future projects, plays and books for adults are already being prepared.

“Duologies” for novels

Juliet and the Great War - Tape in the Trenches is the first volume of a new duology.
Juliet and the Great War – Tape in the Trenches is the first volume of a new duology. (© Editions Plein Vent)

On a literary level, it is part of a body of children’s literature that systematically has “duologies” that bring flexibility and narrative progression to its stories.

His first novels were aimed at the youngest, now it suits him more teenagers like both of them Eugenia, Valaam Islands and Solovsky Islands recalls the Stalinist purges that two young girls entered.

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This time, he goes back to the First World War, a period that comes to mind when he comes across a photo of Marie Curie in the film Little Curie.

Petite Curie, an incredible invention

The Petite Curie was an incredible invention, a particularly innovative unit mobile radiology approaching the soldiers at the front.

Marie Curie was often accompanied by her daughter Irene. For the novel, it is Juliet, a mischievous young girl full of life, with a saintly personality, who will accompany them.

This is Juliet, whose institution in the monastery of the birds managed to draw her into its discipline with difficulty, and who saved these soldiers of the war of August 14, 1914.

The young girl then had a sweet vacation at the beach Meuse He falls into this vortex of world conflict with his childhood friend Emile. Emil is one of the volunteers who went to war.

Juliette isn’t really going to wait passively, so she engages with her drivers taxi carrying soldiers on it Battle of the Marne.

His missing childhood friend

The terrible news comes in this first winter of the war: Emile is missing.

Juliette does not succumb to her loss. Behind the wheel of an ambulance installed by Marie Curie
sets out to find him to treat wounded soldiers…

This young Emil is one of those traumatized by the war, he suffers from amnesia and shell fire, the name given to these spasms and tremors they suffer from.

Anne Riolet

The author also voices the trials of suspected deserters, he conducts a trial in which one of his heroes accuses himself of cowardice and offers a return to the president’s pardon.

In this difficult period that has marked Europe for decades, its female figures show their strength by participating in this conflict.

Note that this book is participating in the competition Current competition – 1-2-3 Leisure timedon’t hesitate to vote, you have until December 2nd!

This concludes the first part Summer of 1915 and the second will take readers to the page basic Resistance networks Little known women in the North. The opportunity to find other beautiful female figures. It will be discovered in April 2023.

█ Practical: Juliette and the Great War – tape in the trenches. €12.90. 226 pages. Published by Plein Vent. From the age of 12. The author will be at the Rambouillet Christmas market on November 26, 2022, at the dedications in Chartres Ampere on December 3, 2022 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and at the City Hall Family Book Fair on December 10, 2022. From the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

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