A demonstration against Amazon is planned for this Friday

In the run-up to Black Friday, campaigners and activists will march on the Treasury to denounce their working conditions and the American giant’s disastrous climate record.

in Luxembourg


In the run-up to Black Friday, campaigners and activists will march on the Treasury to denounce their working conditions and the American giant’s disastrous climate record.

Amazon, one of the most powerful companies in the world, employs more than one million people worldwide. The working conditions of the workers have been heavily criticized for many years. In addition to low wages, the insane work rate and the American giant’s disastrous climate assessment are often cited by unions.

An undated image of the logo of car manufacturer Fiat

In October 2015, the Commission ordered Luxembourg to recover approximately €30 million from Fiat Chrysler Finance Europe.

The connection between Jeff Bezos’ company and Luxembourg is not tenuous. We recall that in 2017, Amazon was ordered by the European Commission to return 250 million euros that the company would have received from the Grand Duchy as a tax benefit. The Luxembourg-based collective ‘Amazon Share’, made up of climate activists and activists, associations aiming for financial transparency, OGBL, as well as die Lenk, goes further with the accusations in a press release published this Thursday. “Amazon is strangling communities in Europe by paying virtually no income tax,” they claim.

The choice of Luxembourg is far from accidental

The latter said that in 2021, “Amazon’s subsidiary in Luxembourg, which organizes sales in several major European countries, did not pay tax, despite showing a record sales revenue of 51.3 billion euros.” “The establishment of Amazon Europe in Luxembourg is not accidental. Favorable opportunities in terms of tax structure in our country encourage many companies to settle in the Grand Duchy to avoid taxes. From an international perspective, the problem is that Luxembourg is depriving other countries of the tax revenue they should collect from multinational companies like Amazon, which are usually established in their country.”

Finance Minister Yuriko Backes did not meet EU lawmakers on Friday.

Tax officials have not provided evidence to support claims that Luxembourg is effectively fighting tax evasion, according to an MEP.

This Friday is the traditional Black Friday, a commercial event that marks the beginning of year-end shopping. On this occasion, many events from the various branches of “Make Amazon Pay”, which brings together 80 organizations, 150 countries and 20 million employees, will take place there, from the United States to Tokyo, definitely passing through Luxembourg. Where Amazon Europe is headquartered.

In front of the Ministry of Finance

That’s why the coalition is scheduling a meeting at Clairefontaine square in the capital at 15:00. Since the square is right in front of the Ministry of Finance, the choice of location was not accidental.

In addition to working conditions and a questionable economic model, the protesters also want to denounce the American giant’s climate policy, which it describes as a “climate killer” due to its ultra-fast air delivery and the artificialization of land by building more. in addition to warehouses. “Amazon has enough funds to pay its workers properly and repay its debt to the planet and communities, but they will only do so if they have to.” The Make Amazon Pay movement is fighting for it.

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