Headlines: After nine months of war in Ukraine, Russia targets only civilians so far


As demonstrated once again yesterday, “ Russian rocket rain “Russia chose not to target military targets, but to attack Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.” a weapon of darkness to terrorize the civilian population » condemns Republicplunged almost all of Ukraine into darkness “, real” nightmare Italian daily says.

However, ” frosty winter is coming to the country “, comments on his side Wall Street Journal, The Kremlin intends to do so to break the resistance of the Ukrainians “, and” Like Russian troops, they force their leaders to the negotiating table – they chain failures on the battlefield “. this ” terrorist strategy “Puts the country aside” humanitarian disaster “, worries on his side Washington post who cares millions of Ukrainians live in dangerous conditions without electricity, water and heat. “. ” Millions of Ukrainians may be forced to flee their homes and even their countries this winter to avoid freezing to death. “, notes from his side Time Who cares about Moscow’s possible strategy? thereby encouraging a new influx of Ukrainian refugees and destabilizing Europe A concern shared by “ Suddeustche Zeitung, and Republic who’s celebrating” Brussels has already sounded the alarm about a new wave of refugees “Way to do it again for Putin” Pressure on the Europeans to push Kyiv into negotiations “. ” Cruel, diabolical strategy » which the British historian Garton Ash violently criticized watchmanwho believes “Faced with Moscow’s cynicism, Westerners should not push for negotiations above all “but on the other hand it increases military and humanitarian support to Ukraine” until one day he can speak from a position of power “.

In Russia, Putin faces the wrath of mothers of soldiers who are mobilized

Families of Russian soldiers on mobilization accuse Putin of insulting them » title watchman who reports that ” The Russian president promised to give an audience to certain mothers and wives “but keep your distance” defenders of uninvited soldier families “. ” Disrespectful attitude towards their own soldiers fighting in Ukraine “, mocks the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, and condemns it” Mobilization under dubious pretexts, sending poorly trained and very poorly equipped youth to the frontlines for bloody battles “. News about the sending of these Russian soldiers to the front” it breeds like cannon fodder “, notes from his side Die Welt he talks about reality genocide among the tens of thousands of employers mobilized two months ago. With improving testimonials youths mobilized without food and ammunition, forgotten by their officers on the front line “, in the Belgorod region” more than 500 of them would be killed within days ”, he reports again Die Welt,he was deliberately targeted by the Ukrainian army, who understood well who he had to work with “.

Controversy over dressing at Doha World Cup” only love » shakes up the sport

With this” great gesture “, the players of the German team before the match against Japan yesterday “ They covered their mouths with their hands to protest FIFA’s threats of sanctions to stop wearing this rainbow armband in support of LGBT people “, he greets Republic. The photo appeared on the front page of a large part of the press Financial Times for Time who believes” which is a strong gesture of defiance ” in front of ” FIFA censorship “. A ” symbolic gesture He failed to convince everyone, especially the German press Süddeutsche Zeitung, hits with red balls” Against the poses of martyrs, the whining of German players “who could actually defy FIFA by wearing a bandage” only love “as elsewhere” boldly German Interior Minister Nancy Fazer in the gallery. they did” minimum service » The correspondent of Le Soir in Germany also believes that he « As in China, no one wants to confront either FIFA or Qatar for fear of reprisals “. “ Civic courage is always the work of others “, he also regrets Süddeutsche Zeitung. In addition to losing to Japan, the Mannschaft also lost honor », he laughs again Evening.

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