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It was a first in Vénissieux. In the Irène-Joliot-Curie room, a two-day forum organized by the municipality “Meet my health” was held. It was presented by the mayor of Vénissieux, Michel Picart, in early November. strengthen preventive health and create sustainable conditions to ensure access to this fundamental right “.

As the Vénissieux town council mentioned in its speech, 30% of households live in a medical desert, and 1.6 million people have to refuse treatment for financial reasons or because they do not have access to a doctor near their home. This forum therefore had a dual purpose: to encourage Venetians to take care of their health, but also to respond to a number of problems that are very present in the area, such as obesity, diabetes or mental suffering.

Thus, if the first day of the forum was dedicated to blood donation with the participation of the French Blood Foundation, it was also an opportunity for the City and its partners, such as CPTS or CDHS, to carry out prevention and inform citizens’ actions. .

Among the participating booths, residents were able to have numerous demonstrations, especially with the Vénissieux school nurses who conducted oral examinations or vision tests for visitors. “ We have already been able to identify several concerns of people who come to see us and refer them to ophthalmologists and orthoptologists. These are problems that can be helped, and most people don’t even know they have vision problems “, explains Laetitia Dumas, a nurse at the Flora-Tristan school. At the age of 30, Zohal Nasradine was able to take his first vision test in this forum. ” I’m happy, it’s good, I don’t need glasses “, the young woman rejoices.

Avoid risky behavior

The next day was dedicated to the prevention of drug addiction and risky behavior. On this occasion, a number of events were offered to the visitors. A frontal impact simulator has been installed as well as several routes to make visitors aware of the dangers of drunk driving. 15-year-old Aysenur tested the course: “ They gave me glasses, which made everything blurry and dizzy, and then I had to walk and avoid certain obstacles. It was scary “, he describes.

About 64% of those who delay or refuse care in France are women. There is a need for education and awareness on women’s rights to improve and strengthen “, confirmed Michel Picard. Women’s health was therefore an important point of this forum, with stands promoting screenings for women’s cancers or informing Venetians about questions related to sexual and emotional life and physical and psychological trauma related to violence against them.

Thus, the Boris-Vian Associative Center accompanied eight women to the forum, including several from the Espoir du Soudan association. ” We fixed all the stands, says the mediator. A few women will have their first gynecologist appointment, while others will have a full exam and mammogram. We were also taught some things to do yourself to detect breast cancer. This forum is really a chance and a great opportunity for these women. »

Health: a right for all

After the first day of the forum dedicated to health prevention and citizen action, “Health: a right for all!” Chaired by Pierre-Yves Ginet, journalist and co-founder of Women Here and Elsewhere, the conference was attended by Michel Picard, Mayor of Venice, Elisabeth Piegay, Regional Coordinator of Health Care Permanences, Laetitia Bouillot, Liberal Nurse and President CPTS and Director of the Intermed network Maud Aufouvre to discuss health issues, especially for the most vulnerable people. ” The construction area is largethe well-known Pierre-Yves Ginet. Some cities are compensating for the state’s failure. This exchange may allow us to consider what is available in the city. »

The right reflexes for healthy air in your home

The City of Venice Department of Health and Hygiene has provided residents with a series of questions and answers to educate them about the dangers of chemicals in their homes and the importance of freshening the air. “We want to show the people of Venice that there can be dangers that they don’t see. Frank Guibert describes. PFor example, there are chemicals that everyone knows, such as bleach, but scented candles are also very dangerous, they are made with synthetic products. » It also informs residents of the need to wash carpets or baby blankets very regularly and to ventilate the room when furniture is assembled to evacuate “wood dust.”

Prevention in social networks

Christophe Doré, a member of the “Frequency School” association, presented the “Réseaux lutions” seminar, which aims to raise awareness among young people about the dangers of media and digital technology. “We have different topics like making money from youtube, online scams, but also everything related to intimate relationship like online dating, pornography, sending intimate photos, etc…” An opportunity for the participating youth to discuss with the mediator topics that they have not dared to address until now. “I also remind them of the law or explain the difference between bullying and harassment. »

Raising awareness about sex

The Center for Family Planning and Education (CPEF) dedicated its stand to relational, affective and sexual life. “We had a lot of questions about contraception, how to use it, what kind of protection is there, etc… Other questions were about pregnancy and childbirth. For many young people, these topics were very vague., says Anne-Cécile Ligeon, marriage and family counselor. CPEF also took the opportunity to educate visitors about anatomy and its changes during puberty, as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

Pay attention to your diet

Dietitian Diane De Vanssay of Atelier Santé ville, one of the main problems in the Venice area, overweight, participated in the forum to raise awareness about nutrition. “We’re trying to show people the health effects of different drinks and encourage them to consume less sugar. We also provide a quick guide to encourage people to look at the Nutri-score of the foods they buy. » So we learn that a single serving of fruit juice, even 100% pure juice, is no match for the fruit, or that a bottle of soda has about 32 sugar cubes. The nutritionist also offers a recipe for a natural energy drink that can be made from just a few ingredients: water, 100% pure fruit juice, and salt.

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