Fifteen people were killed as a result of Russian bombing in Kherson; city ​​hospitals were emptied

Cover image: On November 22, 2022, a young man is admitted to the emergency room in a hospital without electricity in Kherson. Bernat Armangue / AP

  • At least ten people were killed, fifty-one injured and electricity and water cut off as a result of Russian bombing of Ukrainian infrastructure on Wednesday., mainly in the capital city of Kyiv. According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Moscow fired about seventy cruise missiles at Ukraine, of which fifty-one were shot down and five suicide drones were sent.
  • According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, About 15 districts are facing problems related to water and electricity. “The situation with electricity remains difficult in almost all regions. However, we are gradually moving away from outages and reconnecting electricity to new customers every hour.”he said.
  • French diplomacy announced “Strengthening mobilization for the benefit of the Ukrainian people”. Before detailing your help: “In response to Ukraine’s request, The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs is currently transporting 100 generators from 50 KW to 100 KW to Romania. These generators will be handed over to the Ukrainian authorities in the near future. »
  • “These actions clearly constitute war crimes,” he said French diplomacy. “This systematic targeting of the population as winter approaches reflects Russia’s clear desire to deprive the Ukrainian people of water, heat and electricity in order to make them suffer and weaken their resilience. »
  • French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday that he would “direct contact” with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, “In the next few days”in particular, it is a source of concern for Ukraine’s civilian nuclear power.
  • “With temperatures below 0°C, tens of millions of people without power, heat and water, this is a clear crime against humanity.”In a brief statement to the United Nations (UN) Security Council, he criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.
  • After these holidays there were three nuclear power plants “disconnected” of the power grid, without any results in the level of radiation at this stage. The supply of Zaporizhzhya (Southern) territory occupied by the Russians was stopped.
  • Moldova, which is already suffering from major energy problems caused by the Ukrainian war, became a victim of this “Mass blackout”Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Spinudan was sad.
  • On the diplomatic front The European Parliament on Wednesday called Russia a“State Propagator of Terrorism”, nearly nine months after the start of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in the vote. He also announced that his website became the target of a cyber attack claimed by a “Pro-Kremlin group”.
  • The United States has announced new military aid worth $400 million to Ukraine for additional weapons, ammunition and anti-aircraft defenses. Great Britain has sent the first Sea King helicopter to Ukraine and plans to deliver two more.

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