Kherson is still under fire and soldiers are victims of “trench foot”.

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news of the day

Bombings after liberation. On Thursday, after a deadly night, the city of Kherson was once again the target of heavy Russian airstrikes that killed 15 civilians. “Today, 15 residents of the city were killed, 35 people, including one child, were injured,” Galina Lugova, head of the city’s military department, said on the social network. According to him, several “private houses and high-rise buildings” were damaged during the strikes.

Patients from the hospitals of the capital of the region of the same name, which is facing this fire, are being evacuated due to the “permanent” Russian strikes on this city located in the south of Ukraine. The children of the regional hospital will be taken to Nikolayev, and 100 patients of the Kherson psychiatric hospital will be treated in Odessa, as the head of the Kherson city military administration, Yaroslav Yanouchevich, said in Telegram. Faced with advancing Ukrainian troops, forces from Moscow withdrew from the city two weeks ago.

sentence of the day

From the first day of this merciless war, our two countries have provided unwavering support to Ukraine. (…) We worked for a strong and common European response. We, Mr. Chancellor, are in complete agreement: we will continue to do so. We will support Ukraine until the end of this conflict. »

These are the words of Elizabeth Bourne. The French Prime Minister, who visited Berlin, reaffirmed the support of France and Germany in Kiev. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, for his part, said that “Russia’s policy of terror with bombs against civilian infrastructure in Ukraine” should end. “Russia must end this war and withdraw its troops immediately,” he said, adding that Germany and France are trying to help Ukraine “restore its energy infrastructure” that was partially destroyed.

The number of the day

15,000. According to the international organization, this is the number of people missing since the beginning of the conflict. “What is important now is to take all appropriate measures to ensure that as many people as possible are identified,” Matthew Holliday, the European director of the commission, told Reuters on international law on missing persons, the source of the estimate. The official said that it is not known exactly how many people were forcibly taken to Russia and whether they are alive or not. He prefers to be “cautious” when putting this number forward. “In the city of Mariupol alone, the authorities estimate that 25,000 people are dead or missing. “The numbers are big and the problems facing Ukraine are big. »

Trend of the day

As winter descends on the front lines in eastern Ukraine, turning roads into snow- and rain-soaked mud, soldiers now have two more enemies: disease and power outages. . Despite the cold and unfavorable weather conditions for the attack, the Russian troops continued their relentless attack. The first snows recently dusted the area before melting, accompanied by freezing rain that drenches this industrial region almost daily. Many troops began to suffer from the famous “trench foot” disease, which caused swelling and numbness of the limbs and affected many soldiers during the First World War, hence the name.

The battles continue at the front. After the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson in the south in early November, Donbass has become the hottest point on the front. The lines of contact are shorter and the density of available forces is stronger. Facing setbacks on the battlefield, the Russian military has increased missile and drone attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, causing massive blackouts.

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