The eighth goal for the Blues came against Denmark

hot in front

France-Denmark and Argentina-Mexico

Didier Deschamps' Blues can become the first team to qualify for the last 16 of the World Cup if they beat Denmark on Saturday, November 26.

After a brilliant 4-1 win against Australia to qualify for the World Cup, the Blues will find Denmark at the 974 Stadium in Doha this Saturday at 17:00. A win would allow Didier Deschamps’ men to secure their place in the round of 16. But beware of the Scandinavians, who inflicted two defeats on the French in the last Nations League (2-1 and 2-0) and helped to break the tag of favorites of the current world champions in Qatar.

Speaking of the favorites to win the final, it’s worth taking a look at the evening match between Argentina and Mexico. After their incredible first defeat against Saudi Arabia (2-1), the Albiceleste are forced to react: defeat will be the end of their World Cup and Lionel Messi’s dream. According to head coach Lionel Scalo, his men are ready for it “To the last drop of sweat” in the field. He promises.

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Muntari in the annals of Qatari football

Yes, Qatar lost their second match against Senegal in “their” World Cup (3-1). Yes, the Qataris are already out of order. But they still have reason to be happy: Mohammad Muntari scored the first goal in the country’s history at the World Cup.

With a quarter of an hour to go in stoppage time, Ismail Mohamad saves a touch on the right with excellent control in extra time, then manages to center towards Muntari from the penalty spot. Kalidou Koulibaly is the only player moving in the area with a header. Eduard Mandy can do nothing.

Quick sands

“I am the European champion and I have never played in the World Cup: this is absurd. Countries that win the various continental tournaments should qualify directly for the World Cup. »

Despite being continental champions a year and a half ago, the Italians are not away to Qatar, where they were knocked out by North Macedonia in the semi-finals of the qualifying round. An anomaly that former Juventus midfielder and transalpine international Federico Bernardeschi failed to mention in his columns. Gazzetta dello Sport.

A piece of blue sky

Deschamps, humility and “rooster”

We were reassured. France won their first match, the group lives well and Hugo Lloris invites “Take matches one after the other”. In short, the Blues have been doing well at the World Cup and some are tipped as potential favorites again after their opening display against Australia (4-1).

When asked about his possible opponent in the round of 16, Didier Deschamps urges to keep both feet on the ground (or in the sand) and is thinking of negotiating the match against Denmark first on Saturday. “We will not see ourselves as more beautiful than we are, or raise the bar higher than we should, warned the coach. We have a chance to win this qualification. This will not be the case for Mexico and Argentina. Each has its own groups. »

First Denmark. Didier Deschamps, who defeated the Blues twice in the League of Nations, has not forgotten either. “This team gave us a lot of problems. It is undervalued compared to its real value.”, warns. The coach got the message.

Qatar Post

Tim-e Melli’s explosion of joy

Iranian footballers celebrate the opening match against Wales on November 25.

As in 2018 and their 95 wine per minute against Morocco in chickens (1-0), the Iranians are the king of tension scenarios. After the correction against England in the first game (6-2), the Persian players could not lose in the game against Wales.

Tim-e Melli did better than that and won with two goals scored in the last seconds by Ruzbeh Cesmi and Ramin Rezaeian. In support of the popular uprisings following the death of young Mahsa Amini, who refused to sing the national anthem in the first match, the Persian selection unites an entire country behind them. Carlos Queiroz’s men, runners-up in Group B, have been tasked with extending the magical bracket to finish against the United States on Tuesday 29 November.

In the eyes of Doha

English wedding

Radji and Lourdes were married on 1er July 2006. You don’t even need to ask for the exact date, Lourdes, originally from Lisbon, gave a valuable tip for a Seleção supporter. The world. “It was the day we beat England”he says. “Today is also a good memory”adds a gentleman of Indian origin and very accustomed to seeing his Three Lions As in this quarter-final of the German world, he always loses in the end on penalties.

But Rajji is not angry. He met in the Doha subway (where he worked for ten years), wears a Portuguese jersey, like his wife and two children. The whole little family gathered at the 974 stadium to see Ronaldo and his friends dominate Ghana (3-2). At home we talk mostly Harry Kane, but the two boys mention Cristiano Ronaldo as their favorite player. His father remains cautious about England’s chances. “I wasn’t born in 1966 when we won the last time, I want to believe it, but I have a feeling it won’t happen again. »

A grain of sand


In the match against Ecuador, Dutch winger Cody Gakpo started the match well by sending a shot from the top left corner in the 6th minute.e minute of play Great goal… it would also be the only shot on target for the Dutch (for two attempts). So, Memphis Depay and his teammates can count themselves lucky to end the match with a draw (1-1) against more attacking opponents, having tried their luck thirteen times. Later in the evening, the drama between the USA and England was reduced further: the two teams combined for four shots on goal.

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