“20 Minutes” confirmed several claims about the rules in force in Qatar

The organization of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is causing a lot of controversy and misinformation. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful of the so-called rules in force in the country during the competition. Each crazier than the other. Is there an obligation to leave the country for supporters whose team is relegated? Fake supporters hired by Qatar to animate? False information appears to be more credible and therefore has been widely shared in recent months.

This time, a series of statements spread on social networks, accompanied by a photo of the star players of this world. “Here are the new rules of the world championship to be held in Qatar in 2022! “the user begins. Among them: “From November 18, telephone operators will be closed and no supporters are allowed to buy SIM cards. Wi-Fi network is available everywhere in the country. »

Or: “No meeting between girls and boys (outside of marriage)”, very often reported for several months. Finally, still according to the publication: “No supporter will pay for transport” and “According to Qatar TV, there will be no match during prayer time”. What are all these claims really? 20 minutes make the point.


  • Don’t have a SIM card for fans? This is a page.

According to the publication, supporters are not allowed to buy SIM cards. In this sense, no information is written in black and white. Special formulas for the competition period are even offered by two mobile operators present in Qatar: Ooredoo and Vodafone.

The former offers a “free Ooredoo Hayya SIM card” as a “welcome gift”. Information for entering the territory is also indicated on the site: “Free SIM card access” or free SIM card access. The Hayya card, which is needed to travel to Qatar and matches, allows you to actually get a SIM card. Second, Vodafone offers a wide range of bundles for internet access, texts and calls. Formulas range from zero to $40.

  • No matches at prayer times? This is a page.

According to a publication that will provide comments from Qatar TV, no match can be played during prayer time. Knowing there are five every day, that leaves little time to plan meetings. This is actually false information. The French national team will face Tunisia on November 29 at 16:00 French time. This equates to a 18:00 match in Doha, but Isha, the final prayer of the day, starts at 18:14.

The Qatari team is no exception, as they will play against Senegal on November 25 at 16:00 local time. Maghrib twilight prayer is offered at 16:46. It was the same for the game against the Netherlands on November 29. Kick-off will be at 18:00 in Doha, fifteen minutes later in Isha.

  • Avoid dating girls and boys? This is a page.

This publication also claims that girls and boys cannot date unless they are married. This claim made rounds on social networks, sometimes leading to meetings and even sex. Actually, “Are opposite-sex unmarried friends or couples (including LGBTQ+) allowed to stay in the same room?” “, the information website of the world championship answers: “Yes. There is no limit. »

However, there is a law in Qatar that states that extramarital affairs are completely prohibited. But this is not unique to the World Cup era. An unmarried couple cannot have intimacy in the community and cannot live under the same roof.

Violators of this law may be arrested, fined or jailed, and deported. But in reality, this law is rarely applied, even less for tourists or expats. Qatar has never announced a special application of this rule during the competition.

  • Free transport for supporters? That is right.

Can all supporters travel to Qatar for free? A boon given the already high cost of flights and on-site accommodation. Indeed, it is stated on the information website of Sesame, which grants access to the country: “Haya card holders can use public transport for free and plan a smart trip from November 10 to December 23, 2022. This card is mandatory for all foreign supporters who wish to travel to Qatar and attend matches during the World Cup.

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