Noveo, a consulting practice in financial risk management

Risk management is an important component of corporate financial activity. Since its establishment in 2011, NoveoFinance fully independently accompanies companies that are exposed to financial markets and face risk management problems mainly related to interest rates, exchange rates, inflation or the price of raw materials, all in a restrictive, demanding and especially volatile environment. This support is first of all through the design of a hedging strategy according to the client’s industrial and financial objectives, the implementation of negotiation tactics to optimize the solution from a financial point of view, and finally the support for the actual creation of the financial instrument.

Noveo applies its risk management and hedging expertise primarily in the context of complex financings, such as LBO financings, real estate financings or the financing of infrastructure projects with significant debt coverage. Noveo is particularly active in financing renewable energy, an area in which it has unique expertise. “We have a very strong footprint in renewables, which is a sector that has grown a lot in recent years. “says Morand Drouot, founder and president of Noveo Finance.

Special technical expertise

Noveo Finance mainly supports industrial project leaders or financial investors, be they large groups or independent players. ” Our clients turn to us for interest rate hedging, especially when negotiating with their banks. “, explains Oscar Fernandez España, partner and general manager of Noveo. ” We are there to advise them in structuring a hedging strategy, negotiating financial contracts and executing hedges at the best market price. »

Noveo has extremely strong technical expertise in the financial product space, as well as excellent knowledge of major projects and issues related to raising debt to finance them. A true guarantee of quality that allows the company to develop internationally while maintaining a detailed view of trends and strategic issues.

Especially experienced in dealing with various problems and sometimes complex projects, Noveo allows its clients to benefit from the versatility and business experience of its consultants. Above all, it requires a pragmatic approach that combines strategy, technology, and working closely with the customer for dedicated support.

Global and customized support

Noveo works on projects located in continental Europe, the United Kingdom as well as around the world and is particularly distinguished by its local support and now recognized expertise. The goal is to bring an outside perspective to challenge the sometimes incomplete inside view. ” We are committed to becoming increasingly involved in our clients’ strategic thinking through hedging advice and to being there for them with a commitment to the long term. “says Morand Drouot.

Maintaining a relationship of trust with its clients, Noveo aspires to be fully involved in each project, focusing on the client and results above all, to achieve efficiency and profitability goals.

IfThe size of the project, its complexity and the number of participants sometimes require the development of a specific organization, often the approach is complex, part of a supportive and particularly effective approach for Noveo clients. Firms operating in strong growth desire thishe slept to geographically expand the scope of business while maintaining a certain intimacy with its customers, but above all an impeccable quality of service.

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