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On November 25, Elon Musk suspended his @crimethinc Twitter account at the request of a far-right troll. Musk had nothing to do with the acquisition of Twitter. freedom of expression – was a partisan movement aimed at silencing the opposition while opening a boulevard to the extreme right. This highlights the dangers of depending on corporate social media platforms.

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November 24 A white nationalist who spoke at conferences alongside Richard Spencer [1] Twitter posted a tweet confirming the wave of bans. Elon Musk responded in the affirmative, and far-right troll Andy Ngo replied to Musk: specifically asksBanning @crimethinc account on Twitter. A few hours later, Musk complied with Ngo’s request [2].

The Twitter account @crimethinc has been active since May 2008. In fourteen years of Twitter management, the account has never been suspended or warned. Ngo didn’t bring anything new to Musk’s attention, but reposted screenshots from years ago. Other Twitter users were banned today under similar circumstances.

Musk’s rhetoric about turning Twitter into a “ free expression it was a lie. Musk bought Twitter to push his agenda of what he sees as the most influential social media platform outside the control of people like him. Like Donald Trump, Musk brazenly says the opposite of what he wants to say, and his supporters interpret it as a show of force.

As he once again hails Donald Trump, white nationalists and fascists on Twitter, Musk erases those who stand in the way of his authoritarian aspirations. Don’t get me wrong, the whole purpose of silencing our voices is to set the stage for other forms of violence.

Billionaires and anarchists

Crimethinc to understand the suspension of the anarchist media Twitter account a little better. We’ve translated this text that traces the history of Twitter and exposes the political issues behind Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter.

A part of the ruling class has always been allied with the extreme right and fascists. In this regard, Elon Musk is following the path already taken by Henry Ford, openly supporting reactionaries who aim to attack broad sections of the population and social movements. As under Ford, the rest of the ruling class, including centrists and liberals, hope to benefit from forcing radical voices out of the public debate without getting their hands dirty.

This is possible in part because most of Twitter’s employees have quit or been fired. The rest of the workers are disproportionately dependent on their jobs at Twitter to obtain visas that allow them to stay in the US – a grim example of how borders are used to impose a ruling class agenda on workers, even relatively so.

When Musk says he’s building Twitter 2.0, he’s referring to the transition from the first iteration of the Internet—chat rooms, indymedia, a more or less open and participatory model—to Web 2.0, where all interactions are shaped by a program’s algorithms. several technology lords. They aim to define what we can imagine, say and do. What has already happened on Facebook and Instagram, and what is happening now on Twitter, is the inevitable result of an increasing dependence on corporate media platforms.

In response, we encourage you Reduce your dependence on Twitter and explore other corporate media platforms, other information sources and other means of communication. We invite you against the extreme right, he is trying to conquer all the bases and to continue organizing against capitalism, state violence, white supremacy, patriarchy, and other forms of oppression. We invite you chat with your friends and neighbors What does it take to create a world where a single billionaire can’t control how everyone communicates?

Let’s meet in a space where no algorithm or autocrat can determine what we are capable of imagining and creating together.

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I can confirm that my account was suspended after Elon Musk learned of my existence from far-right extremists who repeatedly tried to assassinate me. I was also listed antifa created by Nazis and used by bots to mass flag accounts that oppose fascism. My most recent tweets highlighted the setup to delete my account by abusing the reporting system, as well as confirmed evidence that Andy Ngo was knowingly befriending notorious pedophile Amos Yee. I also shed light on the Nazi background of Jaimee Michell, founder of Groomers Against Gays. Despite campaigns to silence and kill me, I will not stop denouncing fascists.

-Vishal P. Singh


When we say “ cancel twitter we don’t mean begging politicians to regulate it. Until flowers grow from the ruins of the social media system, we intend to take massive action to prevent it from causing more damage.

Abolishing Twitter means developing ways of communicating and reaching audiences that do not depend on the concentration of all coercive and communicative forces in unaccountable entities. It is a project that extends from our interpersonal and digital relationships to mass action against state and corporate violence. “

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