Founders Nights, a rising event in the French entrepreneurial ecosystem

France hosts many entrepreneurial events every year, but one stands out: Founders Night. Founded by Marlette Kervolin and Martin Cregut, this new French entrepreneurial movement advocates philanthropy and collective success. In informal and informal settings, professionals meet and discuss to develop their ideas together.

After three events well received by the public (200 people in the basement of the climbing gym, 450 people in the chapel, 800 people in La Cigale), Founders Night returns for the fourth edition on Thursday, December 8, 2022. like no other.

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The human, central part of the Founders Night events

Inspired by the entrepreneurial dynamism found in the San Francisco Bay Area, Founders Night is a new impetus for the French entrepreneurial world. It was born from a desire: to put sharing and kindness at the heart of professional exchanges. ” We want to put people back at the center of our events to encourage meetings and develop ideas », explains Founders Night co-founder Marlette Kervolin.

Entrepreneurs, talents, students and investors meet for an evening to discuss their projects and imagine how they can help each other. In short, not competition, but cooperation to succeed collectively.

Participants exchange in an informal setting where traditional suits and ties are prohibited. They meet over a drink to discuss their project, without any stress. This particularly appealed to Hardy Botombe, a freelancer who specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads. He participated in the first two editions and intends to move on to the next edition. ” Founders Nights is where I go mainly for meeting opportunities. I still have business cards, I’m professional after all, but I don’t feel pressured. We feel laughter and warmth “, he explains.

It is thanks to this more convenient format that Founders’ Night manages to conquer more and more professionals. This is a real difference compared to other events in the French ecosystem, which often take a very strict approach to networking. Exchange is easier there.

Founders Night is still the event I interact with the most people Hardy says. ” You quickly find yourself chatting with everyone around you. Very convenient when it comes to networking. This principle, not necessarily a speed dating or set rules, I think is the strength of the event “, he adds.

That’s one of the reasons why Anabelle Sellame, founder of Nootropia, a startup that sells natural and healthy productivity drinks, spoke at the latest issue.

It’s good to be able to be in a place where you don’t actually have to worry. We are all human and remain human, so we must stop all the unnecessary. Founders Night understood this very well, and the founders do not try to put stars in their eyes, they look for authenticity in what the participants say and say. “, he says.

His presence was an opportunity to talk not only about his product, but also about his company’s history and mission. A unique opportunity that marked him deeply. ” All other phenomena do not help to explain these reasons. Only at Founders Night and that’s the only place we can do it “says the owner.

Unique business opportunities

In an unusual setting, professionals have the opportunity to find funding, meet future partners or clients, and above all, network. ” I’m really here to expand my network and not necessarily to sign a contract. But suddenly I got two interesting calls about the services I was selling. When talking about business, it was very interesting to exchange, and therefore it was possible to keep these contacts on the drive Hardy says.

Anabelle, who came to present her project, also found great added value at the Founders’ Night. ” As an entrepreneur who owns a business, there is a huge advantage in terms of visibility. We were able to explain our company’s mission, which is to improve people’s mental well-being, and communicate around our product launch. This to more than 800 people at the same time “, he says.

anabelle sellame on stage at the founders party

Photography: Founders Night.

Suffice it to say, participants find what they’re looking for, regardless of the reason for their visit: to pitch their ideas, challenge their projects, or simply expand their professional horizons.

New edition in December

On December 8, for the final edition in 2022, organizers will meet 450 professionals at a still-undisclosed location. As before, the event will take place in the capital. Six project leaders will present their projects and share their stories. The ability to find innovative products and solutions that will transform many sectors.

At the same time, four experienced entrepreneurs known in the world of entrepreneurship will share their experiences and explain how they got to where they are today. Damien Morin, founder and CEO of, Justine Renaudet, co-founder of Colette, and Théo Lion, CEO and founder of Coudac will be present.

Again, attention will be paid to meetings, exchanges and the collective. Those who want to discover and join big projects and discuss their ideas can register now. ” Tomorrow we would like to be able to build together on a daily basis to push ideas forward. Build, create and overcome with a focus on others and tomorrow Martin Cregut of Founders Night concludes.

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