After “We are at war…”

Here’s an icy and chilling series: “Energy Vigilance” by the force.

You probably liked the two seasons of “We are at war”. Remember: “obstructive gestures”, “non-essential products”, grandma in the kitchen to enjoy the Yule magazine, the exit permission we gave ourselves, the coffee we no longer know in which position: sitting, standing or lying down. Tips for airing the house. “We are at war” and its cult lines: “There will be no shortage of masks”, “The mask is useless”, “The mask is mandatory”.

You’ve got to love the Energy Sobriety series the government announced it would launch in January in a major setback. The promotion of the series, held on October 6 in one of the great halls of the Porte de Versailles, brought together 400 people (including ten ministers) around the quilted director Elizabeth Borne.

Facing an impending energy shortage, mainly caused by failed political choices: the abandonment of the nuclear sector under Hollande, the continuation of this policy under Macron with the closure of Fessenheim, the failure to repair our power plants, bought for our prime minister. by the throat, to sell this slogan to the French: “Savings were chosen over energy cuts”.

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We were sensitive to the clever rhetorical choice of the chosen/suffering internal rhyme. He proudly wielded a sledgehammer to make it effective as a club. However, we would prefer our budding poet to quote Victor Hugo: “What increases freedom increases responsibility” (Words and deeds). As! Gone is the era of freedom, adventure, and poetry, replaced by a reign of infantilization, guilt, and inhibition.

According to Elizabeth Borne, we had to reduce our energy consumption by 10% by 2024. Then began a communication campaign with this caustic slogan: “I’m down, I’m off, I’m changing”. We should have recited it like a mantra, but the exceptionally warm autumn has further stimulated the inattention of sleeping mosquitoes in every Frenchman. Also, we quickly moved on to something else, news, generosity, help. However, the French were invited to follow the “Smart bison” of Ecowatt electricity, a site that should allow them to know the state of electricity consumption in the country, T. We even thought of calling “ambassadors of vigilance” in the administrations. .

It was in the spring that the first episode of our flagship winter series was filmed. Remember Macron’s speech in Marseille on April 16. “In five years, my policy will be environmental or not”. Then our huckster buried the Start-up nation and announced ecological planning, “at the same time” Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s ideas were revived by the votes of his constituents. Then everything fell into place: taking refuge behind the conflict in Ukraine and climate change, the president pointed out “the end of plenty” to the French, stunned by covid, Putin’s war and heat wave. “No Limits, Pedagogy”. People need to understand the seriousness of the situation. This is necessary “Escort the French”. We all have to act.”, then launched our Republic Blaster on September 5th. This earned us a parade of government members in turtlenecks and other down jackets.

Now we’re in December: get ready. Episodes and twists to come. The season of knitted knitwear from wool and merino wool has arrived. Get ready to burn your chairs and get some flints to light the fire this Christmas.

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Here is the teaser of the second episode: “On very cold days, demand for electricity may exceed capacity”Olivier Veran said that the executive power provides “Anticipate all possible scenarios”. If the winter is severe, power outages between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. may affect 60% of the capital’s population. (Basically, we won’t cut it). If schools are to be “vacated” then they will be closed in the morning. If necessary, we will not hesitate to cancel trains and close metro lines. In principle, so-called “sensitive” areas (hospitals, police stations, fire stations) should be spared from cuts, as well as 3,800 “high-risk” patients who depend on the medical equipment connected to the sector. Mobile phone networks will not be protected. As for the Saint-Avold coal-fired power station, it has been restarted.

In this gloomy moment, the task of memory is important: another era in 1971, Georges Pompidou launched the great French energy plan: “We have in the most advanced fields: nuclear, aeronautics, space, IT, exploitation of oceans, we have won our place in the package of leading states. Not with a vain desire for influence, but with the conviction that a country dominated by scientific and technical progress in the modern world, and which does not agree to the intellectual and financial efforts necessary to be on the train, is hopelessly doomed to mediocrity and addiction. “.

What is left of our France? Let’s leave the last word to Victor Hugo (Things seen): “No society is irreparable, no medieval age is the end. No matter how thick the night, there is always a light”.

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