Argentina – Australia LIVE (1-0): Messi opens the score! – FIFA World Cup 2022

WORLD CUP 2022 – Watch Lionel Messi’s live commentary of the Round of 16 match between Argentina and Australia (19:50 on TF1). Goals, highlights of the match: don’t miss any video of the match.

Argentina – Australia: 1-0

45+3: HALF! The match was very close for the moment and Argentina opened the scoring with their only clear chance. Firm and consistent, Australia do not threaten to attack.


45 + 2: Finally an Aussie center in the area but does nothing. Very shy, the Socceroos in this sequence.

45th: minimum two minutes of extra time.

45th: A small scare for Ryan in the area, Alvarez’s performance almost won …

44th: The break is approaching. Argentina calmly spins the ball

41st: Messi down. He took a heel on his left ankle as he cleared the ball from Souttar.

40th: Without firing, Argentina start to threaten more. The first goal was good.

38′: Yellow card against Degenek for nudging Acuna in an aerial duel.

37th: Ninth World Cup goal, 3rd in 2022 and Messi’s first in the playoffs! An incredible number, but very real.

35th: MESSI NO! The Argentinian takes the free-kick well, the Australian defends, then plays the ball back and De Paul, playing Otamendi, taps Messi who sets up Ryan from the left! The first open chance and the first goal for the Albiceleste!

Argentina – Australia: 1-0

34. Rough duel between Behić and Messi on the left wing. This wakes up the Argentinian supporters.

32nd: Mooy takes a free-kick but nobody saves it. Throw-in from the sideline for Molina from the left.

31st: McGree takes an eccentric free-kick on the right, well over 30 yards. Acuna is guilty.

31st: Twice, Australia with Mooy and Baccus prevent Messi from getting the ball and distributing the game.

29′: A bit of excitement in this corner is fired at the far post, but no shot on goal for Australia.

28th: ​​Irvine takes a good corner from the left.

27: Good combination on the left with a ball from Irvine at the entrance to the area and the Albiceleste manage to clear the ball from the left.

26: Little pressure from the Argentines. And when it’s done, it’s late.

25th: Australia climbs their block a little further and prevents the opponent from recovering. Argentinians wave some balloons.

24′: Otamendi clears the danger with a header from Mooy’s corner.

23rd: the streak ends with the center deflecting for a corner pass! Very good adjustment work from Mooy who breaks the line with a nice pass straight forward.

23rd: This possession streak is long, but the Aussies aren’t making much headway.

21st: Possession for Australia, who are carrying leather in their camp.

19th: limit the duel between De Paul and Behic in the box. The Australian collapses a little late. No penalty. After a good one-two with Baccus down the left, the left-back had the first attacking possession for the Socceroos in this round of 16.

18th: Good aerial intervention by Souttar against Messi.

17: Papu Gomez scored the first kick of the match. Found on the left, the Sevilla player lit up the cage after being transplanted, but was too high.

15th: Jackson Irvine gets a logical yellow card for a heel tackle on Acuna. Mind you, it’s early game.

14th: Argentine supporters chant in the stadium. Great!

13th: Offside whistled against Julian Alvarez.

12′: Good defensive turn from Behic in the area to stop Alvarez’s advance. The first small ball difference at the foot of the Albiceleste.

11′: Nice cross from Souttar, but Leckie misses his control down the right.

10th: Quick stop against the Australian but a ball from Fernandez to Alvarez does nothing, the City player unable to control in the area.

9th: Argentina free kick saved by Mac Allister. The player quickly loses control.

8th: Too many side passes for the Argentines. Always the same rhythm in this match.

7th: Baccus, again, stops Messi near the center circle. Not far from the box.

5th: This hand complicated the story: there was indeed contact with the arm of Baccus, and it was not attached. But suddenly, according to the judge, there was no intention.

4th: Pass by Papu Gomez in the area and the Argentines claim a hand. But Szymon Marciniak says no.

3rd: Argentina turns leather. Always high pressure on the Socceroos.

2nd: Bad ball by Mooy on the left. Australia lost the ball stupidly, it could have been avoided.

1st: Great pressure from the Australians in the Argentina camp at the start.

1st: Let’s go to the second round of 16! The winner will face the Netherlands.

Anthems over, it’s game time.

Here are two teams!


1000 – Lionel Messi plays the 1000th professional game of his great career. Of course, this is a very important game, maybe his last game in the World Cup.


Argentina ranking

Martínez (left) – Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña – De Paul, Fernández, Mac Allister – Gomez, Messi, Alvarez

Membership Australia

Ryan (left) – Degenek, Rowles, Souttar, Behic – Leckie, Irvine, Mooy, Backus – McGree, Duke

Before the game

“Albicelest” wants to advance to the 1/4 finals. Argentina, seeded eighth by France during the 2018 World Cup, will look to find the world’s top 8 against Australia this Saturday (7:50pm on TF1). The goal that Lionel Messi’s teammates could reach was finally convincing in the game against Poland (2-0).

2022 World Cup: schedule and match broadcast times on TF1

Australia target first quarter at World Cup

Opposite them is Australia. The Socceroos, who surprised everyone from Group D behind the Blues, are aiming for their first ever quarter-final appearance at the World Cup. They already finished 8th in 2006 (against Italy).

Argentina – Australia: what time and on which TV channel should you watch the match?

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