Russia has lost nothing from its actions in Ukraine –

Russian President Vladimir Putin said this on Wednesday.7 September) compared to Russia no’He had lost nothing as a result of his military campaign in Ukraine.

ifexpresses when ofAn economic forum is held in Vladivostok extreme In the east of Russia, he said that all of Russia’s actions are aimed at strengthening the country’s sovereignty and help people» Living in the Donbass region, in I’consists of I’Ukraine.

we no’we won’t lose anything and we won’t lose anything»– said Vladimir Putin. As for what we gained, I can say that the main gain was the strengthening of our sovereignty.»

Mr. However, Putin accepted Moscow’s decision ofBy sending troops to Ukraine certain polarization, but also in the world thatinsidefrom the country».

Russia has sent tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine 24 February in this thathe called for a special operation aimed at reducing the military potential of his southern neighbor and exterminating the people thathe describes as dangerous nationalists.

Western countries rejected Russia’s claims as an attempt to justify the occupation of the land.

US intelligence services believe some 15,000 Russian soldiers were killed till now In Ukraine, he was wounded three times This is equal to the total number of deaths during the Soviet era I’occupation of I’Afghanistan by Moscow in 1979-1989.

L’Moscow’s military intervention led to a series of sanctions I’West, causing food prices and I’energy.

All our actions are aimed at helping people living in Donbass»Mr. Putin said. VS’ it is our duty and we I’ will perform until the end. This will ultimately strengthen our country I’ positions on internal affairs as well as foreign policy.»

North Stream 1 turbine

According to Mr. Putin, I’West no’is not in a position to dictate terms to Russia in the current energy crisis.

Give us a turbine and we’ll go North tomorrow Flow1. But they will not give us anything»Mr. Putin said.

position of I’EU stops supplies through Nord, using Russia as an excuse for sanctions Flow 1 and press Nord to start Flow 2, completed, but put on hold below I’Russian aggression I’Ukraine.

There is a way out Now in Germany, as we have seen, there are protests demanding the launch of the Nord Flow2. We share these requests from users in Germany, we are ready to do it tomorrow, just ofpress the button.»

Mr. Putin presented the logic of Russia’s actions in Donbass in accordance with the concept of international law.

The situation is the same in Iraq?They are I’bombed there, the country was crushed vs’Same with Libya. Where is this international law??No, everyone understands that no’it is not according to international law, so they are talking about some imaginary rules… Let them live with it».

Ukraine’s grains do not reach the needy?

Mr. Putin said thathe planned to restrict grain exports from Ukrainian ports 87 ships loaded as part I’efforts coordinated by I’The UN, therefore, reached only two till now developing countries.

We did everything possible to export Ukrainian grain. () We I’We did it with Turkey. If we exclude Turkey as an intermediary country, almost all grains are exported ofUkraine is not going to the poorest developing countries, but to their countries I’European Union»he said Mr. Cheese fries.

Just as many European countries have acted as colonialists for the past decades and centuries, they continue to do so now. today. Yet developing countries have been and continue to be cheated ofto be deceived»clarified Mr. Cheese fries.

He added thatWith such an approach, there will be no food problems in developing countries thatcan cause an increase unprecedented humanitarian disaster».

He promised to discuss with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan limits the direction I’export of grain and commercial food commodities on this route»I mean I’EU.

Before the war, it was about the share of Ukrainian grain 10 % of world exports and I’The UN has warned that its complete disappearance from international trade chains could lead to famine in poor countries. Moldova, Lebanon, Qatar, Tunisia and Pakistan are the countries most dependent on Ukrainian wheat.

At the end of July, Russia and I’We agreed with the mediation of Ukraine I’to allow the UN and Turkey to lift the blockade of Black Sea ports I’Ukraine ofexport grain and ofother products.

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