War in Ukraine. Battle in the East, HIMARS, Russian oil spill… Full stop on day 283

As of Saturday, December 3, 2022, fighting continues in the south and east of Ukraine, especially near Bakhmout and Kherson, where the Ukrainian army is currently facing. difficulties.

Internationally, the G7 countries, Australia and the European Union have decided to limit the price of Russian oil at the level of 60 dollars/barrel. Decision He refused and was judged by Moscow frivolous Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky would like the price to be halved.

These are the memories of the 283rd day of the war in Ukraine.

Our update on the situation in Ukraine as of Saturday, December 3, 2022. | WESTERN-FRANCE INFOGRAPHIC

The situation “difficult” In Bachmut

According to the morning report from the Ukrainian army, this is the situation difficult Near Bakhmout in the Donetsk region, which the Russians have been trying to conquer since the summer without success at this stage.

The battle around this city took on more symbolic significance for Russian officials, as its capture would come after a series of humiliating defeats, with the retreat from Kharkov (northeast) in September and Kherson (south) in November.

The same difficulties He is being met by Kyiv troops in the Kherson region (in the south), where the Russian army partially retreated in November, saying it wanted to strengthen its positions.

The Russians bombed Kherson (and) damaged the power gridswe can read this report published on Saturday morning.

Power outage: population urged to “stop”.

The Ukrainian authorities called on the population to do so on Saturday hold Russians are now experiencing power outages disrupting their daily lives after strikes in recent weeks have wreaked havoc on the national power grid.

From Monday I will request Oblenergo (the operator) to review the schedules for the region. There will likely be four hour layoversVitaly Kim, the Governor of Mykolaiv region (south), said this on Telegram.

He, a increased consumption According to him, longer breaks should be required to free up the regional power grid. One must savehe started the inhabitants of his region.

Moscow refuses to limit the price of oil

This was claimed by Russia will not accept The European Union, G7 and Australia plan to impose a cap on oil prices in the coming days to limit the means of financing Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine.

We will not accept this ceilingThe press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, told the press, referring to Russian agencies, that Moscow has warned that it will no longer supply oil to countries that have adopted this measure.

In this first reaction from Moscow, Dmitry Peskov nevertheless confirmed that Russia had done so prepared in advance for such a ceilingwithout further information.

For Zelensky, the cap is not a “serious decision”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized the price of one barrel of Russian oil at the limit of $60, saying that it is not one barrel. serious decisionKyiv offers twice as low price.

It is not a serious decision to impose such a limit on Russian prices, which are quite comfortable for the budget of a terrorist statehe said for his presidential services.

The price of a barrel of Russian oil (crude oil from the Urals) is currently hovering around $65, which means limited impact in the short term.

In the morning, Kyiv was satisfied with such a closing mechanism, sooner or later he wanted to believe. destroy The Russian economy is under the weight of international sanctions.

The success of HIMARS

When operating on the battlefields of Ukraine, HIMARS rocket launcher systems proved their effectiveness.

Offered by the US to the Ukrainian army, they are now receiving orders from other European countries. After Romania, Poland and Lithuania, Estonia signed a contract worth 189 million euros to supply HIMARS.

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