WC-2022: Disputes in Qatar, Al-Khelaifi settles scores

This year’s World Championship in Qatar has caused a lot of controversy. Between stories about the construction of stadiums or the issue of human rights, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi spoke about different stories around the host country. The president of PSG wanted to clarify everything in his interview with the team.

Within a few weeks Qatar Although the World Cup has not yet started, it is at the center of many controversies. The host country is indeed singled out for environmental issues and even human rights, particularly the treatment of workers killed on stadium construction sites and homosexuals. in an interview Team, Nasser Al-Khelaifi he defended himself.

“Many journalists wrote without seeing”

Nasser Al-Khelaifi turned to different opinions of journalists Qatarbelieving that many of them did not research the subject before expressing their critical opinions. “The first is that we are not perfect. Things need to be looked at more closely. Many journalists have changed their minds. There are currently 20,000 journalists in Qatar, how many have arrived before? Two hundred maybe. Many wrote without seeing. I thought it was unfair. If people criticized France without coming there, I would think it unfair. » But when we make it concrete Nasser Al-Khelaifi Here is his response to journalists’ inquiries about Qatar: “But do you know why they judge us like that? Because it is Qatar. We are a small country. People cannot accept that the World Cup will be held here. Today I am very, very proud. We are a humble people, our hearts are in our hands. We Qataris have shown the world what we are capable of. The infrastructure is incredible, there are no crowds and it’s very family friendly. All cultures are together. Our identity is to cultivate peace with all. We welcome people from all over the world. Qatar has changed. We are not responsible for everything. We are good people. »

“Why haven’t people talked about these issues at other World Cups? »

In the face of numerous controversies, Nasser Al-Khelaifi also went back to previous editions, specifically referring to the World Cup held in Russia, wondering why these questions were not asked at that time. “Why don’t people talk about these issues about other World Cups and other important events? Have we heard the media talking and investigating? We’re not saying we’re the best, but we’re not as bad as we think. We are not perfect. But who is perfect? No one. We have grown faster than any other nation in history, and the changes made after the World Cup (in 2010) took centuries for other countries to implement. For sure. Qataris do not understand why. We know we have to make progress and we have already done so. I read a lot about stadiums. Qatari companies do not build them. There are multinational corporations that build them. Why don’t you mention a European or other company that does this? We take responsibility, but it’s not fair. Foreign companies also need to manage how they hire people. »

“Everyone is welcome in Qatar”

when he was president PSG ensures that Qatar welcomes all, but asks people visiting to respect Qatari culture. “Amir said this at the opening ceremony. Everyone is welcome in Qatar. Regardless of nationality, origin, religion, gender. But we want one thing: respect for our culture. We respect when in Paris. I don’t think you should mix politics and sports. This is not a sport. Otherwise, it will never end, we will have objections to everything. I want to thank Hugo Lloris for what he said. He is 100% right. The World Cup is a party. If everyone does their own protest movement, it is divided. Football must unite. »

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