Which cryptocurrency should you buy today?

The list of available cryptocurrencies is constantly growing, and making your choice can quickly become a headache. How do you know which cryptocurrency to buy today and how to find promising new nuggets that can perform?

Can we still do x100 in crypto?

It is useless to hide the face, most of the new investors enter the cryptocurrency market to make huge profits. Despite this, the industry is progressing further and less chance of making a significant incomebecause the capitalization of major cryptocurrencies is more and more important.

So it is still possible Do x100 or x1000 in cryptocurrency? The answer is yes, but it is included take too many risks. Indeed, to find a cryptocurrency that will explode in 2023 or the next few years, you need to invest when its capitalization is low.

First, it means you have to do a lot of research to find promising cryptocurrencies before others. But above all, it requires deep research. to make sure the project is serious and the founders are not going to run away with your money.

In other words, huge capital gains are always possible in cryptocurrency, provided you know where to look and are willing to take a big risk. So how do you know which cryptocurrency to buy right now?

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Our opinion: safety first

King Bitcoin (BTC)

The cryptocurrency market is already, by nature, risky investment. Therefore, sticking is preferred proven cryptocurrencies and is highly likely to still exist in the industry for decades to come.

How not to pledge Bitcoin (BTC) to this account? The first crypto to last over time, bitcoin still remains is in the first place in terms of capitalization.

It is true that its growth potential is getting weaker and weaker with a capitalization that surpasses all other cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin is and represents the most secure asset in the cryptocurrency market (with the exception of stablecoin). unique store of value : really bitcoin is rare. It won’t happen never more than 21 million units.

Unlike fiat currencies, there are no central banks who can decide to print new bitcoins. This is especially important in the context of rapid inflation where prices are rising and the value of our heritage is falling.

Bitcoin can also act as a digital currency, and some countries have realized this. This is particularly true of El Salvador and the Central African Republic is legal tender in its territory. In the current macroeconomic context, there is a high chance that other countries will follow this path.

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Ether (ETH): Coming After the Merger?

Already 2nd most capitalized cryptocurrency market’s Ether (ETH) and its Ethereum blockchain experienced a historic update in 2022, eagerly awaited by the ecosystem. was baptized Mergerthis allowed me to switch to the network Towards Proof of Stake (PoS) consensusless energy intensive.

Concretely, the future stages of this revolution will make this possible reduce costs by more than 90%, when multiplying by 10 the capacity of transactions accepted by the network. In other words, it is a necessary step for adoption by the general public.

Right now, most decentralized finance (DeFi) is based on Ethereum. Moreover, it is the first blockchain to introduce smart contracts, one of the most revolutionary features of our ecosystem. In other words, in a new form Ethereum will revolutionize many industries.

We recommend using a strategy to invest in the most effective way Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). Specifically, it involves investing a small amount regularly to fix your entry price and expose yourself to minimal market volatility.

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Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky (learn more)

How to find promising cryptocurrencies to buy now?

How to choose a cryptocurrency that will explode?

Here’s to finding the next cryptocurrency to explode some tips :

  • Good understanding of the ecosystem;
  • Learn the keys to cryptocurrency success from the top 50 in the market;
  • Follow cryptocurrency market trends.

The first tip to find strong cryptocurrencies, is to understand the ecosystem well. Some cryptocurrencies are related to decentralized finance, while others are specific to infrastructure projects (first or second layer blockchain): you need to know how to distinguish between them.

To do this, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different sectors of activity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem understand correctly and deeply projects you plan to invest in. This will help you know which ones are serious in each category.

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The second tip is to learn about the top 50 largest capitalization cryptocurrencies today. Ask yourself: What are the keys to their success? Then, when you discover a project working in the same activity sector, you will be able to understand its potential added value.


The CoinGecko site presents a ranking of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies

A final tip is to follow trends. The cryptocurrency market moves in cycles. In the previous bullish rally, decentralized finance, then competing blockchains with Ethereum, the BNB Chain ecosystem and then NFTs exploded in turn.

Tools to find promising cryptocurrencies right now

Here to find cryptocurrency some tips important:

  • cryptoast;
  • CoinGecko;
  • Social networks ;
  • Toaster.

How to access information to practice and learn about the world of cryptocurrencies? The first tool is none other than Cryptoast. You can find it in the “Cryptocurrencies” tab of our website complete files to learn about the main cryptocurrencies in the market.

In the “Exchanges” tab, you can find information about all available cryptocurrencies the pricetheir capitalization, evolution of their course and their trading volume for the last 24 hours as well as many other relevant data to be analyzed.

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Cryptoast “Courses” tab

To find the next bullion to invest in, social networks are great sources of information: especially YouTube and especially Twitter. this the best way to discover promising cryptocurrencies before everyone else. He said that it is necessary to be vigilant and sort the content.

Active private group Le Grille-Pain, Vincent Ganne, our team of experts offers you fundamental, chain and even technical analysis. In particular, you will discover promising young crypto projects.

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At the end

As you can see, the cryptocurrency market is full of opportunities. It’s still possible make x100 or x1000 in cryptocurrencyprovided you do a lot of research beforehand, know where to find the information, and are willing to take the risk.

It is important to remember that cryptocurrencies are a zero-sum game. If some gain a lot, it is because others lose a lot at the same time. And in this game there are more losers many winners. So trying to minimize risks in an already highly volatile market is preferable.

It will be the best advice to do this prefer cryptocurrencies that have already proven themselves : Especially Bitcoin and Ether.

Then, investing small amounts regularly is the best way to fix your entry price and minimize your exposure to market volatility.

However, if you have a “high risk, high reward” investor profile and want to find the next cryptocurrencies, make sure you are fully informed and do your thorough research.

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