+ 16.36% since the beginning of the year

Faced with rising inflation and hiring challenges, do companies really offer pay raises after hiring? Talent.com wanted to know. The job search system has published 4 million job offers per month since January 2022 and recorded between 3 and 5 million monthly visitors to the French platform. But while the majority of employed people (95%) consider it important or important to know the salary of a job before applying, only 17% of job offers in France state the salary (compared to 20% in the UK – figures from Talent). .com data).

For this study, Talent.com selected 203,000 offers, including information on the salary offered. The platform then calculated the monthly average of the salaries offered by all tradesmen of the same sector to compare the evolution of France’s economic and social situation since the beginning of the year. . Here are the lessons.

With all sectors combined, job offers posted on Talent.com showed a 5.77% increase in starting salaries among those offered in early January compared to late October. A similar increase compared to inflation has been recorded by INSEE since the beginning of the year in France at an average of 5.07%. However, there are large differences between different sectors of the economy.

Sectors experiencing wage growth

The Finance sector leads the list of those offering the highest salary growth during recruitment in 2022: +16.36% for all occupations combined since the beginning of the year. The closest industrial and manufacturing sector: +13.44%. Due to labor shortages, the Construction/B&T sector also offers significant wage increases: an average of +9.01% across all positions.

“What is interesting is that until March, the salaries offered in this sector increased. But since the Russia-Ukraine conflict, rising raw material prices and material supply difficulties have had a serious impact on margins and cash flows of construction companies, which have been unable to continue offering wage increases to attract workers and respect their fields. Adrien Scemama, head of Talent.com in France, comments.

Companies in the Technical and Transport-Logistics sectors also adjusted salaries upwards, offering an average of +5.88% and +4.02%, respectively, in offers published between early January and late October 2022.

Sectors showing declining wages

Although the hotel and catering industry still faces great difficulty in attracting labor, companies in the sector offered stable wages in the first nine months of the year, but fell by 13.32% between January and the end of October.

More precisely, the average salary offered in the first quarter of 2022 was 32,780 euros, and during the two months of the summer period it was 32,936 euros. salaries are not enough to attract talent,” says Adrien Scemama.

The same observation for the healthcare sector: during the first three quarters, the wages offered continued to fall every month, from €46,213 in January to €42,556 at the end of October (and even €36,600 in July/August). .

Increases and bonuses, not yet

This hiring data is consistent with Talent.com’s previous September 2022 survey, which found that only 27% of workers said their employer would increase their pay this year. However, a bonus or salary increase will significantly increase employee loyalty to the employer. Indeed, two in three workers claim that a bonus or salary increase would make them stay longer at their current company (66%); a figure that even rises to 87% among 18-24 year olds.

“In a context of inflation, reduced purchasing power, labor shortages and a royal candidate, companies have no choice but to offer higher wages to recruit and grow their operations. Because salary remains a key element in attracting talent as well as retaining employees. Moreover, a survey conducted at the beginning of the academic year shows that the majority of employees who want to leave their companies are those who want better salaries and know that they will not increase this year, concludes Adrien Scemama.

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