many users are already regretting iOS 15, how about you?

iOS 16 has been available for a few weeks now. In our columns, we explained how to update your machine, as well as what new features are included in the new major version of the software for iPhone.

There are many in the program, more than 100. Among them, we can mention the new possibilities to customize the locked screen or the new notification system. Photos, not to mention the various Siri-related improvements.

It’s enough to force users to upgrade their iPhones to iOS 16 without much thought. In this regard, it can be clearly seen that the adoption rate of iOS 16 in the days following the release of the update is one of the best historically for a new iPhone OS.

But if all this leaves a sweet smell of success for Apple, it actually seems to be the case Near Berezina, for some users anyway. Indeed, according to feedback from our American and French colleagues and on social networks, many basic errors that occur after the iOS 16 update appear quite often. Additionally, autonomy will take a hit from iOS 15 to iOS 16.

Mail, Spotlight, flashing screen and what else?

For now, here’s a list of issues affecting a large number of users in iOS 16, iOS 16.0.1, and iOS 16.0.2, the latter being the latest version of the system available to everyone today:

  • Very slow or sometimes non-functional Spotlight search
  • Sound problem for calls made via CarPlay
  • The screen flickers when the screen brightness is low
  • A security flaw that allows e-mail to hijack your mail program by inserting certain characters into the sender’s address (a process called “Mailjack”).

Other glitches that appeared with iOS 16 seem to have already been fixed with iOS 16.0.2, as seen there, including a bug that caused a jitter effect on photos taken with the iPhone 14 Pro or even allowing copy/paste too high an aspect ratio. desire For this last issue, iOS 16.1, expected for October, should improve the situation.

But aside from these bugs waiting to be fixed, there is a more annoying problem affecting iOS 16. is autonomy.

iOS 16 and reduced autonomy, what about?

From my personal experience, it is clear that there is iOS 16 It clearly affected the autonomy of the iPhone XS. If before iOS 16 I could run a day from 8am to 6pm on a single charge, with iOS 16 I have to charge the car in the afternoon. However, the condition of the battery does not seem worse than a month ago: it is still around 82-83% of maximum capacity (see Settings > Battery > Battery status and charging). Also, between iOS 15 and iOS 16, my iPhone usage hasn’t really changed enough to reduce battery life that much…


And it is the same observation that various users of iOS 16 reported in the comments of specialized American sites, in various technological forums or even on Reddit and Twitter. Also on iPhone.fra few of you readers have mentioned that you’ve lost autonomy since iOS 16.

Precisely, we want to gather some numbers on this topic to support the hypothesis of a decrease in autonomy that happened with iOS 16. Therefore, for these purposes we start this surveyFor this we invite you to answer:

Has iOS 16 negatively affected your iPhone battery life?

Yes: very clear 42.78%

No: no changes noted 28.77%

Yes: a little 21.65%

No: on the contrary, autonomy is better in iOS 16 6.79%

3076 votes expire in 1 month

In the coming days, we will discuss the results and available solutions to improve the situation. Feel free to add your iPhone model in the comments. Also let us know if you are suffering from any specific bugs in iOS 16 like the ones mentioned above.

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