The Russian prosecutor’s office requested a nine-year prison sentence against Yachin

15:25 UT. Vladimir Putin visited the Crimean bridge

Russian media reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Crimean bridge on Monday. The bridge was partially destroyed. This is his first visit to the annexed peninsula since the attacks against Ukraine began.

Russian TV channels broadcast images of Vladimir Putin driving a car claiming to be on this bridge connecting the Ukrainian peninsula with Russian territory. The viaduct was damaged by a powerful explosion that the Russian authorities attributed to Ukrainian forces.

14:07 UT. Rival Iachine is seeking nine years in prison

The Russian prosecutor’s office is demanding nine years in prison against the supporters of his rival, Ilya Yachinen, who is in prison. The prosecutor requested that he be imprisoned for 9 years“, shows the opponent’s team in a message posted on social networks.

The activist arrested in Junespread false information“About the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine”incitement to hatred“, a crime punishable by 10 years in prison.

13:46 UT. Two people died as a result of Russia’s strikes on Ukraine

After the Russian strikes, several cities in Ukraine suffered new water and electricity cuts. According to the head of the Kryvyi Rih military administration in central Ukraine, “part of the city was left without electricity, several boilers and pumping stations were turned off“.

In Telegram, the deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine says that as a result of the strikes, at least two people died and three people, including a child, were injured.

6H UT. The upper limit of the price of Russian oil comes into force

The activation of the cap coincides with the EU’s embargo on seaborne Russian oil coming into effect – months after the US and Canada already imposed embargoes.

However, Russia is the world’s second-largest exporter of crude oil, and without the ceiling it would be easy to find new buyers at market prices.

Europe: What will change the price limit of Russian oil?

Therefore, the agreed mechanism means that only oil sold at or below $60 per barrel can continue to be supplied, and companies based in the EU, G7 and Australia will then be barred from providing services. maritime transport (trade, cargo, insurance, ship owners, etc.).

In fact, the G7 countries insure 90% of global cargo, and the EU is a major player in maritime shipping – so their ability to transfer this cap to oil delivered to most of Russia worldwide is a real deterrent. .

A transition is planned (the cap will not apply to cargoes loaded before December 5) and an additional restriction on petroleum products will be introduced on February 5.

5H UT. According to experts, there are serious obstacles to overcoming the tribunal on Russian interference

The EU last week proposed working towards the creation of a UN-backed “special tribunal” to prosecute Russian aggression, one of the most concrete steps yet towards establishing such a jurisdiction.

This would circumvent the fact that the International Criminal Court (ICC) only has jurisdiction over war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine, while Russia has no jurisdiction over crimes of aggression.

However, serious questions remain about the feasibility and legitimacy of such a trial, and whether it would prosecute Kremlin or high-ranking military officials.

The establishment of the tribunal would require the mobilization of global support for the prosecution of the war in Europe, which is the main source of the problems.

“They are not insurmountable, but will require effort”Yale University international law professor Oona Hathaway said. It will depend “The political will of the participants”he added.

“If there is no regime change in Russia, Putin and other high-ranking officials should leave Russia to be arrested and extradited (to court) in another country”Cecily Rose, associate professor of international public law at Leiden University in the Netherlands, told AFP.

2H UT. According to an official of the Nobel Peace Prize Memorial NGO, there is no diplomatic solution with Putin

“I am absolutely convinced that there is no diplomatic solution to the Putin regime as long as it exists.”Irina Chcherbakova, co-founder of the Russian human rights NGO “Memorial”, canceled by the authorities and laureate of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, said in Hamburg. He left Russia after the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and currently lives in Germany.

“The solution that presents itself now is a military solution”Mrs. Chcherbakova, who received the Marion Doenhoff prize in Hamburg for her many years of work for human rights in Russia, believes that even later, diplomacy can play a role in resolving the conflict.

“But these decisions, this diplomacy can be taken only when Ukraine feels that it has won the war and can end it.” he thought.

According to the Russian activist, calls for peace are premature “child”. “Nothing will ever be the same again”noted.

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