EA Sports FC: All the leaks about the new FIFA 24

EA Sports did not renew its contract with FIFA and lost the naming rights to the popular soccer simulation. So it won’t be FIFA 24, the new FIFA will be called EA Sports FC. We have summarized all the leaks related to the new game for you.

FIFA 23 has only been on the market for a few months, but it’s already available leaks on his successor EA Sports FC. We mentioned this a while ago FIFA and EA Sports could not agree on a new cooperation. The result: they take different paths. For EA Sports, “only” the name of the game will change, everything else, be it the game or the club and player licenses, will remain the same. FIFA is currently empty rumours what they want develop your own game.

How confusing would it be if there was FIFA 24 but it wasn’t EA Sports’ FIFA? Wild times. In this article, we collect all information and leaks about EA Sports FC. A little taste: Finally, maybe online career mode is coming!

EA Sports FC will be the new FIFA 24

We all still have to get used to this relatively strange name “EA Sports FC”. I think that since we’ve been playing FIFA for over 20 years, everyone will continue to say “FIFA” for a while. If EA Sports did not want to renew the expired contract with FIFA, the value of the naming rights of the game would be more than 800 million euros. Although EA made so much money with FIFA Ultimate Team, it was not worth keeping the legendary name of their most successful game for North Americans.

All leaks on EA Sports FC

In this hub, we will collect all EA Sports FC related leaks for you. At the moment, the release is still a long way off, but the rumor mill is still simmering. There are already rumors on Twitter that the transfer market will be completely abolished, but we can rule it out for now.

According to FUTZone Leaks are in progress for the following game modes EA Sports FC:

  • To begin with
  • EA Ultimate Team
  • Online career mode
  • Women’s career mode
  • online seasons
  • Tournament
  • Professional clubs
  • VOLTA exhibition

Could be EA Sports FC online and female career mode first time ever so that would be great. But that would require more women’s teams than are in the game. Maybe the women’s Bundesliga? Other major European championships, such as Spain? Because the extra career mode with only a few teams wasn’t worth it.

All other modes are familiar to us from the past. EA’s cornerstone, Ultimate Team, certainly cannot be missing. Somehow, those guys out there have to earn their keep. Professional clubs It’s a popular mod that could still get more love from EA. VOLTA is also a welcome change from the stress of the Weekend League.

EA Sports FC Release Date

Officer EA Sports FC Release Date is not yet known, but we assume that EA will release the new game in the same time frame as the previous FIFA titles. That would be the end of September 2023. Here is one an overview of the latest FIFA games release dates.

EA Sports FC: Online Career Mode Leaked?

FIFA’s online career mode is a feature the community has been asking for for years. So far, those wishes have never been granted… but that could change for EA Sports FC!

It was already more than a year ago job offer from EA seeking developers for online career mode. At the time, we still believed that EA would develop a new mode for FIFA 22. When the mode was not in the game, we were hoping for a release for FIFA 23, but there was no sign of an online career mode.

Then it dawned on us: EA wants to release an online career mode as a new feature for the new EA Sports FC game to convince old and new players to buy it. I’ll put it this way: if EA Sports FC actually had an online career mode, I’d buy the game just for that.

Madden NFL 23 already has something similar franchise fashion, works great and is a lot of fun. There’s nothing more awesome than playing Madden against 31 other people and improving your skills at the same time. That’s exactly how it should work for EA Sports FC. You should be able to lend each other talents, buy and sell superstars and create a competitive team. Please bring this mod, EA.

We will update this article for you as soon as more EA Sports FC 24 leaks become available.

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