FIFA rates Moroccan football as “brilliant on all fronts”.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) gave a lively assessment of Moroccan football, which it described as “brilliant on all fronts”.

In an article published on its website on Tuesday, the international body highlighted the “FIFA Forward program that contributes to the progress of women’s football”, according to which the activities of the Mohammed VI Academy “follow the path of women’s football”. the future” and the course of the Atlas Lions and Lionesses “chaining success in senior, U-17 and futsal.

Recalling the organization of a seminar dedicated to the Talent Development Program starting in 2020 by Arsene Wenger, Director of FIFA World Football Development, in Morocco in July 2022, the article emphasizes that “the Kingdom has proven its strong determination to continue its activities. Move forward by providing resources to youth teams.”

In this regard, the author of the article quotes Fouzi Lekjaa, president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, who stated during the seminar that “the development of football in Morocco should be based on a triangular approach based on infrastructure, talent and qualified management. “, adding: “I and my colleagues from the federation are convinced that real progress requires the implementation of these three elements.”

“Moroccan football is starting to reap the benefits of the federation’s efforts, as evidenced by the progress made in the men’s and women’s categories,” said the same source.

“Atlas Lions made their dream come true in Qatar 2022. Qualifying for the round of 16, they are the first African team to collect 7 points in the group stage of the FIFA World Cup. responsible coach,” observed.

Let’s remember that “the red-greens have recently distinguished themselves in futsal as well. The winners of the 2020 African Cup of Futsal Nations won the inaugural FIFA Futsal World Cup in Lithuania in 2021, (…) before beating Brazil in the quarter-finals (0-1)”.

In this regard, the FIFA website emphasizes that “the federation provides decisive support to the team, especially by holding friendly matches against options such as Argentina and Brazil.”

The article also refers to the “increasing success of women’s football” and confirms that the funds being mobilized have enabled the Kingdom to revive the discipline.

“Since then, Atlas Lionesses has achieved impressive results. As such, they reached the final of the 2022 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations on home soil before losing to South Africa. They also opened the door to Australia and New Zealand 2023, where they will know their baptism in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

And it should be emphasized that during this women’s CAN, “success also exists in the stands” and “attendance records show strong public interest in women’s football”.

“Girls under the age of 17 have not been ignored. Not only did they qualify for the FIFA U-17 World Cup for the first time, they also claimed their first win at the event, beating hosts India 3-0 before finishing third in their group behind the USA and Brazil,” the site further recalls. .

The article states that their success is largely due to the involvement of a federation that continues its work in the short, medium and long term to prepare for the future.

“In 2019, an important step was taken in these development plans with the opening of the Muhammad VI Football Academy. This 30-hectare complex is equipped with the most modern equipment and facilities that meet FIFA standards,” we observe.

And it can be concluded that “the academy has undoubtedly played a decisive role in the formation of this remarkable U-17 team and its participation in one of the biggest tournaments in the world.”

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