Half of Russia’s 300,000 reserves are “in the operational area,” Vladimir Putin announced

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16:40 : “Soldiers often come with torn limbs and holes in their bodies. Our task is to stabilize them.”

This is the most controversial front in Ukraine for weeks. Military losses in Bakhmut region, Donbass are very high. A French-Ukrainian doctor who intervened in a medical center in this area testifies to franceinfo.


16:19 : For his part, the Russian president admitted that there was a conflict “long”, during the televised meeting. That’s what he bragged about “meaningful results” referring to its annexation, it claims four regions in eastern Ukraine (Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye).

16:11 : At least 6 civilians were killed and 5 others were injured as a result of Russia’s attack on the city of Kurakhova in eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky said. “Markets, bus stations, gas stations and residential buildings were the targets of the strikes,” President of Ukraine said.

15:53 : A previous Russian Defense Ministry report at the end of October indicated that 41,000 of the 82,000 reservists sent to Ukraine were serving in combat units.

15:47 : “Of our 300,000 mobilized fighters, men, 150,000 of our homeland defenders are in the operational area”The Russian president gave detailed information during the televised meeting and stated that 77,000 were directly deployed in combat.

15:47 : Russia has deployed 150,000 reservists in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin announced, with about half of the men recruited during a partial mobilization of reservists in September announced.

14:18 : “Whether the battle for Ukraine inspires hope or fear, Vladimir Zelensky has revived the world in a way we haven’t seen in decades.”Edward Felsenthal, the editor of the prestigious American magazine, writes. For the magazine, the president of Ukraine personified his country’s resistance to the Russian invasion.

14:14 : TIME 2022 Man of the Year: Volodymyr Zelensky and the Spirit of Ukraine #TIMEPOY https://t.co/06Y5fuc0fG https://t.co/i8ZT3d5GDa

14:15 : American magazine Time President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was elected “Personality of the Year”.

12:30 p.m : It’s late afternoon and time for a quick recap of the morning’s news:

The government has announced that it will pay up to around €100 in fuel surcharges next year “The 10 million most humble people who need a car to get to work”.

Washington wants to calm the situation. “We do not encourage and help Ukraine to strike Russia” The head of American diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, said in a press release yesterday while blaming Russia. “turn winter into a weapon” By militarily targeting Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. Watch us live.

Norman Thavaud Yesterday, he faced four complainants within the framework of the investigation opened regarding the rape of minors and the facts of corruption. A total of six women filed complaints against the YouTuber known for his channel “Norman makes videos”..

Today, the new strike mainly affects TER and TGV trains between Lyon and Paris. Wage talks opening this Wednesday promise to be crucial for SNCF, which wants to avoid strikes during its year-end celebrations.

Aurélien Pradié will not issue voting instructions for next weekend’s Republican presidential run-off, pitting Alpes-Maritimes deputy Eric Ciotti and Vendée senator Bruno Retailleau. “Je leaves members free to make their own choices”he admits in an interview Figaro.

12:17 p.m : Washington wants to calm things down. “We do not encourage and help Ukraine to strike Russia”The head of American diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, said this yesterday in a press release. all in He accuses Russia “turn winter into a weapon” By militarily targeting Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. “You must understand that Ukrainians live with ongoing Russian aggression every day”, launched. Watch us live.(SAUL LOEB/AFP)

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