The christening of the emperor in Russia for Prince Alexander, a historic event

According to tradition, forty days after his birth on October 21, the heir to the Romanov family, Prince Alexander Georgievich, was baptized on December 6 in the Church of Christ the Savior of St. Alexander Nevsky, a high figure of Russian Orthodoxy. The seat of the Patriarch of Moscow.

“It is a joyful event for us to be able to celebrate this baptism ceremony in Russia. Our son Iskander is the first member of the Imperial family born in our country after he was allowed to return to Russia in 1991. For our family, this is both a historic event and a continuation of our dynasty and history. “, explained the happy father, Grand Duke Georges, who married Rebecca Bettarini, Grand Duchess Victoria Romanovna, in St. Petersburg in October 2021.

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Iskander, the first member of the Romanov family to be born on Russian soil after the October Revolution of 1917, is also the first prince of the Romanov dynasty to be baptized there in more than a century. Despite the painful geopolitical conditions of the war in Ukraine – the imperial family has always been in favor of peace with the “Ukrainian brothers” – at least four hundred guests attended the ceremony, which was celebrated by His Holiness the First Vicar of the Patriarch, His Holiness the Grand Metropolitan. Dionysus.

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No less than eight godfathers and godmothers

The ceremony lasted an hour, and Prince Alexander received the anointing in the lace dress that the imperial family had used for baptism for two centuries. The godfathers of the baby were chosen from among the close relatives and friends of the Grand Dukes of Russia Georges and Victoria Romanovna: Princess Aymone of Savoy-Aosta, Princess Olga of Greece, daughter of the Greek writer and historian Michel, Prince Joachim Murat, Princess Pontecorvo, Princess Elizabeth Lapoukin, Princess Michel Orlov (she, who is also the grandson of King Farouk of Egypt), Prince Stefan Belosselsky Belozersky, representative of the Association of Russian Nobles in France, Oksana Girko, Yulia Abrosimov, not to mention the size of the baby. his aunt, Hélène Kirby, not because of her health.

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Grand Duke George’s parents, Head of the Imperial Family Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia and Prince Franz Wilhelm of Prussia attended the ceremony for this exceptional occasion. 1976-1985 marriage to Grand Duchess Maria of Russia) and his second wife Princess Nadia of Prussia and parents of Grand Duchess Victoria Romanovna Italian Ambassador Roberto Bettarini and his wife Karl.

A balance position that is not easy to maintain

Anxious to defend Russian designers, Victoria Romanovna chose a celadon dress by fashion designer Elina Samarina, who runs the Sergio Marcone brand in Moscow. Far from any political involvement, Grand Duke George and Grand Duchess Victoria Romanovna are heavily involved in their charitable foundations, mainly the Russian Imperial Foundation, which helps children with terminal illnesses and autism, and FoodbankRus, which is today Russia’s largest food bank. This year, FEBA is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is a member of the European Association of Food Banks, as well as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO.

“Today, our family continues its long-term mission to help those in need. “Princess Victoria and I believe that giving our legacy to those in need is the best way to uphold our family’s values,” said Grand Duke Georges. The role of arbitration and the position of balance is not easy to maintain in the international context, but it won the unanimous respect of the successor of the Romanovs.

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