VIDEO. In Paris, women learn to defend themselves when attacked in traffic

The Women’s Self Defense Association offers women-only courses to learn self-defense techniques in the event of an attack. (© CD / Paris News)

“Here we will give you the means to defend yourself against those who give you the right to attack. » Association since 2011 Ladies Self Defense given self-defense classes hour Paris. Based on the observation that the training rooms are mostly attended by men, while women are the first victims of attacks, the association created courses for men only. reserved for women.

In addition to what was learned Basics Self-defense is based on some special topics“tailored to what women can experience everyday”. Laurent Hennequin, police and union founder. Sunday, December 4, 2022, Paris news He was able to participate in the “Learn to defend yourself in public transport” training.

Courses are open to all ages

From a schoolgirl to a pensioner, they are there forty to register on the same day. The courses, whatever the subject, are really tailored to women all ages. Sports level and physical fitness are not required.

Married came with her daughter Louisa, 13 years. This is the third course of the association in which they participate. “He’s starting to go on his own, to become independent, and all the aggression there scares me. I would like him to have the tools to defend himself,” Marie explains. So far, Louise “fortunately” has not had to apply them, “but it calms me down and I have more confidence in myself,” assures her young daughter.

Lena, 34, also touches wood. That Sunday, he attends his second practice. “As a woman in Paris, I feel vulnerable,” she said. I’m always on the alert and a bit under the radar, but also not paranoid. These courses allow me to develop reflexes and defensive weapons in case of trouble. This is reassuring. »

Anticipate and avoid danger before the blows come

Although a large part of the course is devoted to self-defense techniques, participants will not only learn to defend themselves physically.

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We’re not going to teach them martial arts, but we’re going to anticipate, assess, avoid danger, and if they have no other options, meet it. Always respect the legal basis of self-defense.

Laurent HennequinFounder of the Ladies System Defense Association

That day, Laurent Hennequin began by listing “practical” tips for anticipating and preventing traffic hazards, particularly how to move and how to position yourself.

“The the best seat in the metro train, if you can, is the corner immediately to the left or right as you enter. You’ve got your back and you’re close to the doors if you need to get out quickly. It also allows you to get an overview of the people in the carriage and identify those who do not inspire you with confidence, “analyzes the gendarme.

On the contrary, he strongly advises against sitting in four-person seats, “especially in a window seat.” Same thing around the central bar, “you can’t see what’s going on behind you,” he warns.

“Don’t hesitate to shout”

Recommends as a priority before moving to hands communication : “Start by asking the bully to stop, tell him you object if he makes inappropriate gestures. Repeat several times if necessary, always raising your voice a little more. Above all, don’t be afraid to shout. It disrupts stability. »

If you have people around, “and naturally, if no one is helping you, don’t hesitate to designate someone and call for help,” the instructor insists. Depending on the situation, “you have to choose your battle: for example, it is not worth shooting for the phone,” says Laurent Hennequin.

Whatever the victim or witness of the assault is, it matters to warn : By calling 3117, sending an SMS to 31177 (RATP emergency numbers), contacting an agent through alert terminals on the platform or directly at the counter.

“Simple” entries

Sometimes there is a physical reaction inevitable to protect. In the three-hour course, more than two are devoted to learning the fundamental techniques of self-defense.

Five instructors present that day, including gendarmes and a member of the French Muay Thai Kickboxing Federation, teach some. “simple” inputs. They are then repeated by the participants and practiced during simulation exercises.

Self-defense can be summed up in a simple equation: you don’t know where, when, or who will attack you. The only unknown you can work on is you. There is no 100% success, but the more you progress, the more you will be able to do in the most difficult situations.

Laurent HennequinFounder of the Ladies System Defense Association

More than 10,000 women have been trained

Since 2011, Ladies System Defense has delivered nearly 500 courses and trained over 10,000 women. ” Unfortunately, we have more and more people. A modern woman adapts to the society in which she develops, we live in a society that is increasingly subject to violence and it is natural and instinctive to adapt,” concludes the founder of the association.

The next courses will be held on Sunday, January 15, 2023 (basics + self-defense and street harassment). Price: €30 per lesson. Address: 8 rue de Prague, 75012 Paris. To order, visit the association’s website.

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