Frequently Asked Questions: Defense and Citizenship Day

Defense and Citizenship Day (JDC) is compulsory for all registered young citizens under 18 years of age. If in principle it is simple, you have to go after receiving the summons, many young people still have questions about JDC.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Defense and Citizenship Day

Most of the questions are related to Defense and Citizenship Day convocation or certification, but not only… How to make a good JDC? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What classes are taught during JDC?

What is the program for Defense and Citizenship Day? Where to find it? List of points taught today:

  • road safety
  • blood donation, organ donation
  • the role of the military, the professions found there
  • forms of commitment: public service, civil reserve, etc.
  • Charter of French citizens’ rights and duties

Note: Topics may change over time. All details are indicated in the invitation. In addition, sports activities are prohibited during JDC.

What can I do if I have lost or damaged my JDC summons?

In case of loss or theft, go to your account (or create one), then download (and print) your invitation.

I couldn’t come or forgot my date of invitation to defense and citizenship day, what should I do?

You should contact your national service center as soon as possible. The address is written on the invitation. Give the reason for absence. In the coming period, you will have the right to get a new chance and a new date.

What can I do if I have lost or damaged my JDC certificate?

The certificate of individual participation in the JDC is issued in one copy; so no duplicates.

If you are under the age of 25 and no longer have a JDC certificate, or even if it has deteriorated, you can request an administrative status certificate from your national service and youth center (CSNJ) (i.e. your census department).

This may be required:

  • by email, with a scan of your valid ID (ID card or passport)
  • by mail, a copy of your identity document (identity card or passport)

I am working or studying at JDC day, what should I do?

Don’t panic, your employer can’t stop you from coming.

The Labor Code states the following:
“Any employee attending JDC – (apprentices have employee status) benefits from leave, except for one day. This absence does not lead to a reduction in wages and is linked to the actual work period to determine the duration of annual leave. »

If I live far away, can I come the day before so I don’t miss it?

Travel expenses for Defense and Citizenship Day can ONLY be paid for the day itself. Any other external expenses (catering, hotel, etc.) are not reimbursed or reimbursed.

Then, nothing prevents you from coming in advance, but at your own expense.

Is there transport support?

As mentioned above, the subpoena entitles you to a travel voucher or lump sum compensation. The amount is determined according to your address for the place of summons.

More information at

Note: if you arrive by car, it is not possible to park inside the JDC reception area. But it is possible outside.

My friends have already received the summons but not me, is this normal?

Do not worry. If you registered correctly, your invitation should have been sent to you.

The difference in date depends on the capacity of the host location, your census date, date of birth, etc. it depends.

If necessary, you can always contact your nearest national service center.

What equipment do I need on JDC day?

Everything is indicated on the invitation or on the official website:

  • challenge
  • valid ID
  • pen
  • bag or case to protect the certificate

Maybe a snack or a drink. But lunch is served on site.

I moved, got married or went on long trips abroad after JDC, do I need to specify?

As long as you are not over the age of 25, yes, you must report any change in circumstances.

You must inform the National Service and Youth Centre:

  • your new address.
  • your marital status (marriage, PACS, etc.)
  • Not to stay in France for more than 4 months
  • any change in occupational status

The intended location for JDC is too far from my home, can I change it?

If you feel that the journey to reach this meeting is too long, you can change the site of the JDC.

Contact them soon after receiving the summons to explain your situation (within 15 days at most).

If a site closer to your home can accommodate you, it will be shown to you and you can change it.

Am I unavailable or will I not be able to attend the JDC on the day specified in my summons?

Carefree. It is possible to change today’s date. But this must be done very quickly, as it is for the earth.

Contact us soon after receiving the invitation (within 15 days maximum of receipt) to explain the reason for your future absence. If this is approved, another date may be offered.

Then smoke or vape during JDC?

No, smoking or vaping of any substance is strictly prohibited on Defense and Citizenship Day.

Defense and Citizenship Day (JDC) questions and answers

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