Private markets – Pickme raises €3.5 million to become a benchmark for local and sustainable delivery

Pickme relies on its community of 96,000 neighboring relays to prevent delivery errors and facilitate the optimization of carrier routes during the last mile.

Its network of local micro hubs has satisfied key customers such as DHL, GLS, Colissimo and Geodis.

Pickme, a French start-up specializing in last-mile co-delivery, today announces a €3.5 million fundraising round led by OneRagtime, followed by historic investor Founders Future, as well as FrenchFounders, Kima Ventures and strategic Business Angels.

Today, freight transport in urban areas is responsible for 25% of CO2 emissions in the city. However, 30% of the 800 million parcels delivered each year in France are not received on the first delivery attempt. Pickme answers this problem by simplifying the process and experience of receiving parcels thanks to a community of individuals (Keepers) who form a unique network of local micro-nodes.

An ultra-local model that appeals to both carriers and individuals

Since its launch in 2020 by Jessie Toulcanon (CEO), Samuel Rousseau (COO) and Florian Dufour-Rives (CTO), Pickme has quickly proven the relevance of its model. Since the first months, the startup has already achieved a 99% delivery rate and 0 disputes or lost parcels. Today, the model is loved by buyers, with a customer satisfaction rate (NPS*) of 92% and in 60% of cases it outperforms other solutions offered by e-commerce. Reason ? In the application, 90% of parcels are delivered in less than 48 hours and 80% in less than 24 hours.

Specifically, Pickme integrates easily and securely with carriers. When placing an order, the consumer selects a Keeper pre-approved by the app based on location, availability and rating. Then he gets notified at every stage of the delivery. At the end, the Keeper is automatically rewarded in the app (up to 1 euro per package).

Finally, its subscriber growth from 41,000 to 96,000 between 2021 and 2022 has deepened the startup’s national network, and this year it has attracted interest in transportation from big names like Colissimo and Geodis.

A sustainable and value-creating delivery alternative

Pickme aims to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the last mile. In Europe, about 108,000 tons of CO2 are emitted due to delivery failures. By guaranteeing the presence of Guards when the delivery passes through, Pickme can reduce the carbon emissions of carriers by up to 15%.

But the company goes further. It encourages intimacy and makes walking easier. Relay stations are located in a 450 m radius around their homes instead of a 3.6 km radius with the traditional relay point, thus encouraging social connections and exchanges between neighbors. For the latter, the approach is above all one of solidarity, and their goal is to provide service. Thus, 25% of the jackpots are donated to the associations obtained from the program.

A collaborative and responsible network to reinvent logistics

According to estimates, more than 30 billion parcels will pass through Europe within 3 years. In this context, Pickme intends to become a leading player in this fast-growing market and aims for an international implementation by 2025, starting from Europe. By multiplying the volume of parcels received by 10, the startup can rely on a network of local micro-nodes focused on the first and last mile to intensify its growth in the coming years.

To export its unique model and continue to optimize its technology while developing new services dedicated to its network, Pickme wants to expand its team and hire 25 new talents by the end of 2023. These will particularly strengthen Customer Service, Operations and Technology.

“The goal of this fundraiser is to strengthen our position in each city where we are present. We are recruiting the best talent to continue to improve the Pickme experience and fully integrate it into the daily lives of the French. Our goal today is to democratize this new way of receiving and sending parcels that is practical, humane and responsible. We want to offer the world a more sustainable way to get their parcels to encourage the growth of e-commerce that is inclusive and respectful of the environment. »details Jessie Toulcanon, CEO and co-founder of Pickme.

“We are delighted to support PickMe in its growth and expansion and to contribute to sustainable and value-creating last meter delivery while strengthening social connections and sharing between neighbors in a solidarity-based approach.” »OneRagtime CEO and founder Stephanie Hospital cheers.

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