ApoRed: He defends the World Cup in Qatar and makes a fool of himself again

In one of his last videos, ApoRed talked about the world championship held in Qatar. As always, the conversation quickly turns sloppy and ridiculous.

Hamburg – ApoRed, “The main character who has to protect Germany”, Princess Puma and also a millionaire who is facing personal bankruptcy, releases a video again. But this time it’s not about trifles. Ahmed addresses a political topic on YouTube this time and it is none other than human rights.

ApoRed asks to “break your brain” in a YouTube video.

ApoRed from Hamburg presents himself to his audience in an undershirt to convey an important message. Qatar should be left alone. Many here are wondering why this request is coming now? Germany has not participated in the World Cup for a week. The World Cup is almost over for Germany, and frankly, nobody cares about Qatar yet. We are left to praise the fighting spirit of the Moroccans or wait to see if Cristiano Ronaldo can equal Eusebio’s record.

But let Ahmed Nadim justify his words. What worries him is that some people – he lovingly calls idiots – condemn Qatar for human rights abuses. This is what he says in his video: Someone says that by construction [der Stadien, Anm. d. Red.] 3000 dead, the other says 6000, whatever. But that is not the point. and adds: ” You need to train your brain.“After a little less than two minutes, the audience is wondering what the theme is.

YouTuber ApoRed: “You don’t care about human rights.”

ApoRed pulls out the moral hammer and says “ You don’t care about human rights, you don’t care about people and you don’t care about rights,” because “Where were you at the Chinese Olympics?“. The YouTuber takes to the skies to explain what human rights violations China has committed against the Uyghur ethnic group, citing and highlighting various examples that particularly shocked him: “” This is a violation of international human rights related to death. It probably hasn’t happened in a long time. ApoRed doesn’t understand why Qatar is singled out now.

YouTuber ApoRed does not want Qatar to be selected

The reason for it is that it brings clicks (by the way, why does ApoRed make videos?) and adds. All these ” under the guise of morality“. Ahmet clearly does not spare his colleagues either: ” All your favorite YouTubers are denying it in China. Then they point the finger at Qatar. Qatar is probably a hundred thousand times better than Germany.

YouTuber ApoRed cites Mesut Ozil as a shining example

ApoRed considered Mesut Ozil’s support to the Uyghurs extremely positive at that time. The former German footballer was later criticized by his club Arsenal FC for this. Milli didn’t like Hamburger’s photo of him coming and going to Qatar in a bandage, with his mouth closed: ” As a German citizen, I am ashamed of Goofy’s actions.“. ApoRed believes that the proportionality of the criticism is not observed.

YouTubers such as Streamers and Trymacs have announced a boycott ahead of the World Cup in Qatar. ApoRed criticizes these people for playing with users’ feelings and using this action only to get clicks. He demands that it is not necessary to criticize one country or one work, but to criticize everything equally. Given the amount of human rights abuses, environmental crimes and injustices around the world, we believe this can be a difficult task.

User Marco Zaun sees nothing wrong with ApoRed’s video and laments the lack of a clear message. He writes: ” People need to voice their criticism in proportion because nobody cares. If nobody cared, the topic wouldn’t be there, because journalism always bets on what people care about. In general, I can’t give a clear opinion because it is constantly contradicting itself. We’re pretty sure ApoRed probably wouldn’t be both a millionaire and a bankrupt if contradiction wasn’t his superpower (Warning: editor’s opinion).

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