Russia, Ukraine and Globalism, Alex Gordon


Political globalism is a program to create a supranational global power under the auspices of a superpower.

The United States and China are emerging as superpowers in the 21st century, and in recent years Russia has claimed the role of “world ruler”.

A simplified and wrong interpretation of the war in Ukraine is that the USA and European countries are perceived as satellites of the USA and the globalists. They are waging a war against Russia with the help of Ukraine.

Some Western analysts consider globalism a purely Western phenomenon. In this interpretation, Russia is seen as an anti-globalist force.

Such a perception contradicts the facts. Russia, which is presented as a victim of globalism, is the embodiment of globalism.

His globalism is anti-Western, not Western. There are 190 ethnic groups in Russia, and 17 ethnic groups in the United States. Russia is the largest country in the world by area.

Its area is 17.1 million square kilometers. However, its territory is expanding: Russia announced on September 30 that it had annexed four regions of Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye.

On December 4, 2022, Putin said that the main result of the special military operation was the annexation of new territories and the transformation of the Sea of ​​Azov into Russia’s internal sea. He noted that with this he was superior to the Russian Emperor Peter the Great, who was only trying to gain access to the Sea of ​​Azov.

The area of ​​these new territories is more than 90 thousand square kilometers. This area exceeds the combined area of ​​Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

When the war began, the Russian army was advancing towards Kiev and Kharkiv. It was clear that he was not going to stop and that his annexation plans in Ukraine were big. Mr. Putin has repeatedly stated that “Russians and Ukrainians are one people” and therefore one people should have one state.

The area of ​​Ukraine is 603740 thousand square kilometers.

Apparently, the Russian Federation, which considers itself the successor of the Russian Empire and the USSR, is eager to further increase its territory at the expense of Ukraine.

Up to 22 million square kilometers of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union are still targeted. It is not for nothing that Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland, which were once part of the Russian Empire, are members of NATO. Finland, which also broke away from the Russian Empire, feels threatened by globalist Russia and aspires to join NATO.

After Putin came to power, the tendency to consider the Russian Federation as the successor of two states crystallized: the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. This crystallization led to the legalization of “land grabbing”.

The lands owned by the two predecessors of the Russian Federation include Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Baltic States, Finland, Poland, Alaska, Ukraine and Belarus.

Therefore, Russian globalists face great difficulties. On June 9, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Emperor Peter I’s policy of “reclaiming Russian lands”.

The task of the Russian Federation, in his opinion, is to “collect the lands”, that is, to take back the territories that belonged to the USSR and the Russian Empire.

Due to the enormous size of the territories in question, this ideology is a claim of world domination.
The most outspoken globalist who aspires to world domination must present his intentions in the most favorable way possible.

Therefore, it presents itself as a country that is surrounded and surrounded by numerous foreign and domestic aggressive enemies, which other countries are obliged to defend. He points the finger at NATO, the contender for world domination and the main opponent of the “collection of Russian lands”.

As it is the successor of the Soviet Union, which strives for world domination, it is also in the interest of the spheres of influence of its predecessor, such as Syria.
A person who aspires to world domination emphasizes the “black ingratitude” and treachery of states that refuse his “help”, i.e. the “suzerain-vassal” relationship.

“Russian land acquisition” is a policy of globalism: the largest country in terms of territory continues to seize new territories on Earth.

One of Russia’s proposals for globalism is to have nuclear weapons.

The leaders of the Russian Federation remind us that their country is a nuclear power, and power in the world belongs to nuclear powers..

Indeed, only the countries with nuclear weapons – the United States, China, Russia, Great Britain and France – are permanent members of the Security Council and have veto power. Russia has more nuclear warheads (5,977) than the United States (5,428), Great Britain (225) and France (290) combined.. Russia’s war in Ukraine is a typical imperialist war and an obvious act of anti-Western globalism.

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