World Cup 2022: typical team for the 1/4 finals

Here we now know the World Cup semi-final posters. The quarter-finals were won by Morocco’s Portugal, the Blues by England, as well as Argentina and Croatia’s crazy qualifiers. So, 10 Sport presents you a typical team in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup.

Dominik Livakovic

Impenetrable, the Croatian was great in front of the goalkeeper Brazil. He made five decisive saves, including two in front (48, 55, 66, 76 and 120). Neymarbefore yielding to the attacker PSG in overtime. He kept the Croatian ship afloat before scoring on penalties. By rejecting the first sentence Rodrigoallowed Croatia to gain a psychological advantage. He is the great man of this great feat.

Yosip Juranovich

Croats sublimated against themselves Brazil. Impressive, side Celtic Glasgow probably had the most successful match of his international career. His first period was near perfect. The Brazilians made a mistake by multiplying the attacks on his side. He must have had a nightmare Vinicius Jr after Rodrigo.

Romain Sass

defender of Besiktas he was heroic. Locked in the warm-up, he kept it for a good hour before leaving his place. He was the head of the impregnable Moroccan defense. The big black mark remains his injury, which will probably rule him out of a matchup with him Blues.

Josko Guardiol

defender of Leipzig is the detection of what Global. At just 20 years of age, he delivered an awesome performance Brazil. He narrowly escaped the confrontational camp and came close to disaster, but other than that, his performance was spectacular. Comfortable with either foot, he was essential in Croatia’s revival. The masked defender symbolizes strength Croatia.

Marcos Acuna

What a burst of energy from the side Seville ! He was a real soldier, he did not put down his arms to take a guide Messi in halves. He did not leave a gap Cody Gakpo, but very excited since the tournament started. A black mark, his yellow card, a symbol of his commitment throughout the game, will disqualify him from the match against his opponent. Croatia.

Azzedine Ounahi

player ofAnger performed a recital. His technique allowed Morocco to blow He played three impressive balls and found himself in the Moroccan goal. In the second half, he increased the high-intensity competitions in the oven and the mill. A match worthy of the greatest.

Luka Modric

player of Real in which it conducts its own reference match Global. Always technically good, he was the boss of the midfield. Back in the game, he managed to keep the ball to break free from the Brazilians and project forward. The ball looked innocuous, and eventually Croatia scored an equaliser. Let’s enjoy this absolute monster while there’s still time.

Enzo Fernandez

Since it is connected to 11 Scalonimidfielder Benfica metamorphosed Albiceleste. He quickly marked his territory by making three seals. He was excellent in passing, caught defensively in the equaliser The Netherlands but called the rebellion in overtime. L’Argentina He held his breath when his shot hit the post in the 120th minute. His striking power didn’t prevent him from escaping the penalty, luckily for the Argentines, it didn’t result in any.

Lionel Messi

Attacker PSG is on a mission. He unlocked the match by inventing a crucial pass for his teammate Molina who had felt the glow of genius. Later, he widened the gap with his team by converting the penalty into a goal. He was very nervous, he received a yellow card. However, his nervousness in the penalty shootout did not leave him.

Olivier Giroud

No blues Messi but they have their messiah. When things start going bad, they rely on the best goaltender in tricolor history. mumbled by Maguire and stones, waited for the time to change the meeting. Within three minutes, he had the first chance with a header before hitting the ball home Dembelewas rejected by Pickford in a corner. It was with this corner kick that he scored the second tricolor goal Antoine Griezmann. His last quarter of an hour became legendary Blueswho was to be replaced I’m standing a few seconds ago.

Antoine Griezmann

player of Atlético surprised, he relaxed, expanding his defensive palette a little more Kounde and Chouameni. It was he who delivered two assists to his teammates. He took advantage of the opportunity to become the best passer in history Blues. What a game from him!

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