Are you motivated to change the way you work, but how?

Motivation in the business world: important

Thinking about changing the way you work is a natural process for people.

He doesn’t question his achievements or his past professional experience, but instead uses it to make a sound judgment about his future career.

We decided to delve into this topic to understand the various motivations behind this change and the means by which it can be achieved.

Your various questions before the change

More and more people are dissatisfied with their jobs or want to do better. This phenomenon becomes stronger in times of unemployment and economic crisis.

Managers and non-professionals sometimes experience stress and anxiety in the workplace with unscrupulous employers. Can we decide to change so easily?

The concept of change is vague and sometimes ambiguous for the individual. It could be retraininga Status change or any other change that affects your personal life and will affect the organization of his work style.

Changing the way you work is always a dream, but beyond the fantasy of a better life, you need to build your project before you start. In order to jump back on the right foot, it is essential to be able to provide food, shelter, and enough time and resources (financial and moral).

Whether you want to start your own business, build your own business, or even radically change jobs, the question is the same: is it possible and at what cost?

Here are some examples of how to change the way you work

Considering working differently can be relative to a comfortable situation for you in your workplace. In this case, working remotely may be of interest to you.

In full swing, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, this way of working has many advantages, but be careful not to underestimate the risk of isolation!

If the problem is that you want more autonomy and less control, all you need to do is learn about the possibilities of starting your own business.

In this case, you will have several alternatives: micro-enterprise, SARL, payroll… you will surely find an ideal compromise to realize your future ambitions. As it turns out, salary porting is an alternative solution for creating a company that allows you to carry out consulting activities completely freely.

the payroll transactions is a statutory law that allows anyone, whether salaried, self-employed or retired, to serve their clients while enjoying the benefits of salaried employment.

This solution is particularly suitable for professionals who do not want to leave their current salaried job, retirees who want to keep their pensions and jobseekers receiving Pôle Emploi rewards.

Payroll forwarding is also an alternative of choice for freelancers who don’t want to worry about the vagaries of managing an ad hoc structure, namely cash flow, accounting and (sometimes conflicting) client invoices.

Some sectors of activity are particularly suitable for wage transfers. Except for the regulated liberal professions (lawyers, doctors, chartered accountants, etc.), these are essentially intellectual services.

A trainer, consultant, freelance writer or web designer will all have good reasons to look to an umbrella company, which will free them from the burden of administrative constraints while providing them with the benefits of salaried employment.

So, are you ready to get started? For example, Portageo is a portage company with a highly qualified staff of consultants, experts and trainers, and is increasingly recruiting independent consultants to delight its clients.

Available throughout France and internationally, this structure was created to help and support you in this life change. Do not hesitate to contact this company to inform them about your professional project and get a concrete simulation of your future remuneration as a self-employed worker.

Changing horizons should be a very deliberate choice. In no case should it arise from a whim or a simple passing desire. After you clearly define your goal and new career plan, you can take the step, train yourself and think about possible professional retraining.

Remember you can call professional retraining coaches Who will guide and support you in this change? From the diagnostic phase to trying out your new activity, hiring a coach significantly reduces your risk of failure, so think about it!

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