World Cup 2022: these 5 countries with cursed kits

Football is a sport with a rich history of big and small superstitions. Here are five teams that should avoid wearing certain colors because they bring bad luck.

Spain and the cursed white (and soon blue?)

White is not lucky for La Roja, whether in the group stage or the final stage. It all started in 1994, when Spain lost 2:1 to Italy in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. In France in 1998, the Spaniards lost to Nigeria (3:2) and were eliminated without even reaching the 1/8 finals.

Same thing during the Euro. With the white jersey, Spain lost to Portugal (1-0) in Euro-2004 and another crushing defeat (2-0) against Italy in Euro-2016.

Note that when La Roja (meaning red in Spanish) won the Euros in 2008 and 2012 and the World Cup in 2010, they did not have white jerseys. His color for away games was a very dark navy blue.

With a 0-0, then 3-0 penalty shoot-out against Morocco at the 2022 World Cup, Spain might consider abandoning the unprecedentedly stunning sky blue jersey that has been unlucky for them this year. .

Algeria condemned to lose the green

Algerians are used to winning their games when wearing the white jersey. This was especially noticeable when, for example, they qualified for the 2014 World Championship by defeating Burkina-Faso (1:0). But when their shirt is green, it’s a whole different story. From 2006 to 2010, Algeria played eight matches in green, losing eight, even against weaker opponents (Gabon, Burkina Faso, Argentina, Brazil, Gambia, Senegal, Egypt and Malawi) on paper.

Brazil and the damn white jersey

A painful curse for Brazil dates back to 1950, when the World Cup was held at home. The Seleção then faced Uruguay on July 16. A draw would be enough for him to continue. But the Brazilians lost (2-1) and were eliminated. At the time, white was still the official color of Brazil’s shirt, and from 1954 they adopted the iconic yellow.

Almost seventy years later, in 2019, this time when Brazil hosted the Copa América, the kit supplier released a white kit, which clearly upset all Auriverdes supporters who knew the story. Fortunately for them, the white jersey Seleção got their revenge as they won the competition.

Cameroon’s terrible yellow jersey

Cameroon won the first Africa Cup of Nations in 1984 wearing a yellow jersey, but this color is now considered unlucky by fans of the Insufferable Lions. This is especially related to the defeat to Mexico (1-0) during the 2014 World Cup. In 2019, the Invincible Lions lost again to Nigeria in yellow at the CAN in Egypt. Round of 16 (3-2).

Now the real legend of evil revolves around this color.

France and Hugo Lloris against the green jersey

Hugo Lloris does not like to play in green, whether for club or for the French national team. The goalkeeper with “Blues” had to wear this color for the last time in 2013. France was playing a play-off against Ukraine at the time and they lost 2-0. In the return match, the goalkeeper found his red jersey and this time, the tricolors won 3:0.

The last time Hugo Lloris played in green with the tricolor was at Euro 2016. A race that ended badly for the Blues. In the final, France won against Portugal (1:0).

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