2022 World Cup ½ Final (Soccer)

A scene of joy, tears, family joy… Since the start of this World Cup held in Qatar in 2022, the French and Moroccans have felt the same.

Victory after victory, the supporters of the two countries even sometimes the same people celebrated the victories of the two countries, because history and their origins allow them, these people, this World Cup will remain in their memory forever for a while.

Here is a letter of history that we want to count for all the Moroccans, all the French and, above all, for all the Montsellians of different nationalities who will not choose this Tuesday in front of the television, but have to live the moment to the fullest. anthology.

We know the feelings of Moroccans about their country and on Tuesday at 20:00 the poster will present very special emotions to Franco-Moroccans from Montcell, and there are many of them! His parents were born in Morocco and they were born here, torn between the two countries, but in the end why should they choose? Officially, France or Morocco will once again be in the finals of the 2022 World Cup after historic courses.

For the first time in the history of African football, Morocco qualified for the semi-finals of the World Cup with players who showed themselves to everyone. We knew that the Moroccan selection was committed to the country’s values, dedication and courage, but beating Belgium, then Spain, then Portugal, the three favorite countries for the top title, Morocco entered the big leagues with the orchestra leader. at its head, the unknown coach, Walid Regragui, former player of Grenoble Foot 38, marked the history of Morocco for eternity by drawing the quintessence of an exceptional group, very restless, courageous, but above all talented. Morocco’s players saw Sofyan Amrabat brilliantly display his true central character at the heart of the game alongside despondent Azzedine Ounahi for a World Cup breakthrough.

Morocco may have moved to another galaxy after beating France on Wednesday night, but the Blues are stronger than ever! Didier Deschamps is on a mission and on his way to the 3rd Star. Let’s remember that Deschamps was not very happy in the last few months, Ngono Kante, Paul Pogba, then Mike Maignan, Lucas Hernandez, Christopher Nkunku and finally the Ballon d’Or, Karim Benzema in the last days before the start. Competition.

The French team is young, younger than ever, but performing well, defensive solidity shown first by Dayot Upamecano and Ibrahima Konate, then coach Raphaël Varane taking over after the Tunisia match, France’s progress with the leaders suggests a 2018 scenario for the moment. good participation: Olivier Giroud scores a lot, Kylian Mbappé is always effective in big matches, being decisive in important moments, and Antoine Griezmann does not show this level for many seasons anymore and it is good to see for the eyes and the heart.

By defeating Morocco, France offered itself a golden bridge to the Argentina final or, as in 2018, Croatia France remake. After a successful World Cup in Russia, France have had moments of doubt, but it is clear that the new generation summoned by Didier Deschamps has arrived. is full of talent and remains in the last four of the competition.

Let’s emphasize that there are also Belgium, Spain, Germany, Portugal, England, and Brazil.

France really exists! The Montcelliens could warm up the winter and icy atmosphere if the Blues were to print their 3rd Star next Sunday, December 18 at 5.45pm.

Let’s go back to the story and the emotions around France – Morocco, Montcelliens are waiting for it and if we have to wait until Tuesday, some supporters have already decided to attend this meeting:

Karim, 30, Franco-Moroccan: “I’m in all my states. Our beloved host country, France, will play the ½ Football Final against the country of origin, Morocco, where everything brings us together. Football can create such emotions and you should take advantage of it.

Fatima, 53, Morocco: “I am a Moroccan mother. I was born in Morocco and my children and I live in France. I have seen my children happy for almost ten days. I had no idea football could create such passion, a reminder of how much these historical moments play on emotion in a family. It is a joy for me and my whole family to experience this.”

Mathieu, 27, French: “I experienced the coronation of 2018 and what we experienced is still history. Several generations have not experienced joy during World Cups, whether in 2010 or 2014, it was not the best. We are in a blessed time, we should take advantage of it. This duel with Morocco is history, we all have a Moroccan daily friend, this is a game of the heart! Only one person will make it to the finals, but the people will be happy.”

Dear supporters, French men and women, Moroccans and Moroccans, history awaits your two countries this Tuesday at 20:00 on TF1!

Your children, grandchildren, families! Experience this historic match full of emotions!

Long live France! Long live Morocco!

For eternity! For the date!

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