A dictionary of everyday expressions translated into 19 Occitan dialects

Henri Goursau has just released a dictionary to speak 19 varieties of Occitan.

Henry Gursauthis is a gentleman’s dictionary Saint-Orens-de-Gamevillesoutheast Toulouse. This hobbyist founded his own specialized publishing house in dictionaries of various subjects. This year, he has already published a book on helping Ukrainian refugees or on the voice of politicians.

Like it never stops lexicographer publishes today Dictionary of the Occitan languagewith six dialects (Provence, Langudocien, Gascon, Limousin, Auvergne and Vivaro-Alpine) and several variants A total of 19 versions of Occitan speech.

What is in this dictionary?

In this new book prepared together with linguists, speakers, language defenders, the author offers a translation about 200 simple phrases and questions from everyday life.

They will allow it Exchange in Occitan in 33 departments in the south of FranceIn Val d’Arand SpainAosta Valley Italy and also Monaco.

Some examples

So we will learn how to say “hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you”, “please”, “excuse me”, “how are you” in these 19 dialects and patois. Also directions, food, taxi, bus, destination…

What about us? “Toulouse was shared between Gascon and Languedoc, but it was Languedoc that prevailed in Lauragais “, – answers Henri Goursau.

Some examples of French sentences Occitan Gascon in Toulouse in the dictionary you can find:

Videos: currently on Actu
  • I have to go to the doctor: I go to the doctor
  • I am hungry; I’m thirsty! : èi hame; oh set!
  • I’m looking for a toilet: cèrqui les comuns
  • My name is Henri Goursau, what is your name? : m’apèri Enric Goursau; qui es le tiu/le vòste nòm?
  • Excuse me: he dòu me
  • I do not understand; I do not know: ac comprengui not; I do not know
  • I would like to eat: voliái minjar.

Other translations this time in Languedoc :

  • See you soon; see you tomorrow: voted; buy placer your vaire; See you tomorrow
  • Goodbye; hello: al reveire, vida-siatz
  • Of course: òc, òc ben, plan sergur
  • Urgent: It is urgent
  • How much does this cost? : how many còsta aquò?
  • That’s fine: the plan
  • good morning how are you : bonjorn (vida, vida-siatz), cossi anatz?

A way to preserve the language

Lens? “This is a pleasant way to contribute to and implement a better study of a minority language,” says Henri Goursau. Indeed, several regional languages it is under threat of extinction due to its little usethe author regrets.

At the beginning of the 19th century, people wanted to eradicate patois on the pretext that they were harmful to the study of the French language. Patois was synonymous with both illiteracy and social misery; true culture can only be achieved through Moliere’s language. Today, the school must redo what it destroyed.

Henry Gursau

His mother tongue: patois

Originally from Haute-Bigorre, Henri Goursau first learned patois before French he taught at school. “It was the language used in my village,” he recalls.

Later I realized that it is no longer necessary to speak patois outside the family circle and especially in society, where you will be ridiculed and embarrassed. Politeness demanded that people should no longer express themselves except in French.

Rich languages

However, there is patois It is very rich in dictionaries, sayings, and formulas“we will not be able to preserve all its richness, scope and subtleties,” emphasizes Henri Goursau.

Each village had its own language with its own words, sentence structures, accents.

Henry Gursau

Many dialects even learning Occitan at school can’t revive itSaint-Orennais deplores the publisher.

the Dictionary of the Occitan language does especially available on the Goursau publications website.

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