his five-point defense

A day after the interview The voice of the north, LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens is again practicing his defense in the media. Restore “part of the truth” spoke about the case of domestic violence against his wife and gave him a 4-month conditional prison sentence. BFM-TV this Wednesday, December 14, 2022.

The highly controversial domestic media is returning to France’s Insoumise as the party goes through a crisis following the appointment of its new leadership a few days ago. But Adrien Quatennens also received messages of support that did not help him… MoDem boss François Bayrou was particularly critical on Wednesday. “manhunt” according to him, the deputy is a victim.

Hervé Juvin’s work also drives home the point for LFI. A member of the National Assembly was expelled by the parliamentary group after being accused of violence against his wife. Not to mention MP RN Laurent Jacobelli, who quipped: “He has a good left moral. »

Despite the political and media storm, Adrien Quatennens is determined to return to politics. “take it [que] its fair share, but no more.

1. About the facts of giving him a suspended sentence

Adrien Quatennens recalled his position, considering that his partner was blackmailing him: “He told me it would destroy my political career if the divorce wasn’t done on his terms, and obviously the threats were carried out. »

His repeated messages of slapping his wife and court-martialed harassment: “He was the victim of a slap that I know and regret. A thorough investigation was conducted. I want the same resources put in place for women who walk through the doors of the police station. I think this is a harsh sentence, but I choose to accept it. Many believe that this slap is given in the context of divorce, but in fact, this slap has a history. […] They were love text messages, the judge reiterated to the court, which they said were not malicious, just stalking. I didn’t understand what happened[ait]. The investigation concluded that I was not guilty of repeated violence. »

And insisted: “Violence has never characterized this relationship. But in no case can this story be labeled as domestic violence. I wholeheartedly believe that if the fight against violence against women targets me, it is wrong. I am not your man, I am not an aggressor. »

He also condemned the attitude towards the media “disproportionate” : “There was a serious argument between us that day. The object of the dispute was around the doubt about the use of the mobile phone. In the media treatment I was given, I was compared to people who had done immeasurably more serious things for a well-known slap. »

3. About the statements of the spouse who repeatedly described the violence

nearAFPCéline Quatennens described that it is not only “a slap” also “rages”of “crises” and “Physical and psychological abuse” is carried out since ” a few years “.

The chosen one also answered: “I can’t allow myself to say that. There were no such repetitive scenes of violence. How do I determine the facts if the inquest concludes that there was no repeat violence, but that media reports are more important? Think about the temporality of November 23rd. On November 17, we learn that they will not send me to court. »

Accused by Bruce Toussaint, he resisted “women’s voice” stating that he will not respect, said that he recognizes his wife’s status as a victim and is satisfied that her complaint will be considered by the courts. He added that it should be treated “as efficient as” for “All the other women who walk through the door of the police station.”

3. On Gerald Darmani’s complaint

There is Gerald Darman “decided to sue for defamation” After the words of the deputy, involved in the domestic violence investigation that leaked around the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Adrien Quatennens said in an interview The voice of the north Posted on Tuesday, December 13: “Several relevant sources tell me it was organized directly by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I am not in a position to confirm this myself today. »

Questioned by Bruce Toussaint on the subject, elected Lille counterattacked: “People claim that I would say that this case was organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Well, I note that I have nothing to confirm this, the journalists told me that it came from there. On the other hand, I see the reaction of the Minister of Internal Affairs. I’m surprised the minister doesn’t have a better job. He’s quick to file a complaint against me, but less quick to explain how the leaks happened so quickly. Within minutes, almost hours, of my wife leaving the neighborhood police station, the contents of the daily were in the Paris editorial offices. This is called violation of investigative confidentiality to the detriment of the victim. Especially since everything that was incriminating was leaked, but not all the elements that pleaded in my favor. »

4. On keeping within France Insoumise

Now suspended from the parliamentary group for four months after his conviction, some elected officials from his camp are advocating for another, tougher sanction. LFI MP for Dordogne Pascale Martin, for example, felt she should be outright excluded and condemned. “political error”.

Adrien Quatennens reacted to this statement broadcast on the set: “There is a small personal disappointment for me because Pascale Martin is very committed to the issue of violence against women. And I talked to him for two hours. When I did, he told me, “I understand better and you can count on me.” I can see that he has changed his mind. »

On Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s support for the previous 2 issues: “It shows the difference between those who know the whole story, those who have a personal connection with me, and others. When I said, “She takes it all on”, it was no disrespect to my wife. He knows this story, he is my confidant. Again, this is a story that does not fit the textbook cases and biased discourse on the subject. »

During the 2017 presidential election, Jean-Luc Mélenchon specifically said: “I can tell you a few of them: once convicted, everyone is disenfranchised for life. » In the program, he undertook: “A clean criminal record is required for selection. »

5. After returning to the National Assembly

“If I were the author of repeated violence, the question would arise. If I resign tomorrow, it will set a dangerous precedent and open the way for any kind of instrumentalization of political life. There are 577 of us in the Assembly, we are no longer men and women, but people who can make mistakes.” Adrien Quatennens added.

He therefore confirmed his intention to return to the National Assembly as an unregistered person. “Probably at the beginning of January.” He also ruled out any resignation that would trigger new elections.

He explained that he was not “There are no other claims” Therefore, rather than finding a normal parliamentary activity without the ambition to find positions in his unruly France.

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